Juergen Walter, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Kathrein SE

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionising the way of integration of RFID, AutoID, sensors, and RTLS technologies in IoT Solutions, and has become a recognised innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

We are the leading Auto ID Hardware and Software Solution Provider for

  • Industrial Automation
  • Logistics Solutions
  • HealthCare
  • ITS/AVI Vehicle Identification Solutions
  • Railway Identification

For many years, the Kathrein Group has been one of the global market leaders in antennas for mobile communication, car antennas, and also in the broadcast environment with their big potential solution competence. With our reorientation towards providing solutions and strengthening the proximity to our customers and their applications, this potential is realisable. We have identified high growth prospects in the IoT solutions business area in particular.

Juergen Walter, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Kathrein SE

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KATHREIN Solutions

IoT Solution Provider

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionising the way of integration of RFID, AutoID, sensors, and RTLS technologies in IoT Solutions, and has become a recognised innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

Kathrein provides an AutoID turnkey portfolio including hardware, software, services, and support. From the initial proof of concept up to global rollouts, Kathrein supports customers and partners in applications for

  • Automotive / Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • EVR/Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Healthcare

The Kathrein Solutions business model is based on the global Kathrein Sales Network and a very strong partner ecosystem with highly motivated and experienced AutoID and IT specialists.


  • Hardware: The Kathrein UHF passive RFID hardware portfolio comprises first-class stationary and mobile readers, UHF antennas with a read range of a few centimetres up to several metres, and security transponders.
  • Software: The Kathrein “CrossTalk” application software integrates any kind of AutoID, RTLS, or sensor device into IT applications and IoT platforms. The modular CrossTalk suite therefore reduces complexity through standardisation and many pre-configured features, visualisation, and business content.
  • Service & Support: Kathrein offers a wide portfolio of blueprinting, implementation, rollout, and maintenance & support services, as well as project management and training courses.

Kathrein’s RFID Solution in Baggage Tracking

Customer Satisfaction with Service and Quality Millions of pieces of luggage are misrouted every year, which means a lot of work and additional costs for the airlines. A new technology at the airport – and RFID tags attached to the suitcases – will change that. The quality of the baggage tracking has increased greatly over the last few years. Nevertheless, airlines and airport operators are still faced with the task of handling the ever-increasing number of passengers and luggage without any losses, while at the same time meeting passengers’ expectations for transparent baggage tracking. White paper by Kathrein Solutions.

Process Automation with Precise Real-Time Location

Real-time Location system "K-RTLS" launched at LogiMAT 2019 Kathrein Solutions GmbH, which specialises in RFID/AutolD solutions, is presenting the new RTLS system (Real-Time Location System) for the first time at the LogiMAT logistics trade fair. The RTLS system combines the exact position which is available in real time with the unique identification. Kathrein Solutions GmbH exhibits in hall 4 at stand G40. The new real-time localisation system "K-RTLS" combines high localisation accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features which allow a broad application of the system in various applications. The system consists of the mobile transponder, the permanently installed nodes and the CrossTalk loT software.

New RAIN RFID Reader With Innovative Connection Concept

Quick and easy installation With the new ARU 2400, Kathrein Solutions is launching a RAIN RFID reader on the market that is as easy to install as it is to operate! With its slim, smart design, durability and functionality, the reader can be used in a variety of applications. The powerful RAIN RFID interface known from Kathrein and the robust design are also present in this 27-dBm class reader. The ARU 2400 offers new mounting and connection options. The housing of the ARU 2400 can easily be installed in existing shelves using the mounting points for the so-called ITEM profiles. The plugs and sockets are just as easy to operate. For both the power supply and the terminal block of the digital inputs and outputs, a terminal strip with screw terminals – which allow direct cable installation – is installed. Come and see the new ARU 2400 at the Kathrein Solutions booth at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2018 on October 30 & 31 in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany!

New ReaderStart Software Available for Firmware V3.02

Kathrein has launched the new RAIN reader firmware with tremendous features. Due to new high-speed profiles, a total number of more than 750 real tag reads per second is possible! In addition, we have increased the reader sensitivity by adding a powerful carrier cancellation which impresses with extremely fast tracking of the carrier data. To use the new feature, please download the reader firmware and the latest ReaderStart software

Kathrein Solutions and Tönnjes E.A.S.T. Conclude Cooperation Agreement

Kathrein is starting a global collaboration in the field of electronic vehicle identification (EVI) with Tönnjes E.A.S.T., the leading German licence plate manufacturer. Both companies have been working together for years in the development of new technologies. In their joint projects, Kathrein contributes its expertise in the field of RFID technology, Tönnjes E.A.S.T. is a specialist for the integration of the required transponders into vehicle licence plates or windscreens.

Thomas Brunner
Thomas Brunner
Managing Director
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Martin Dobler
Martin Dobler
Ismaning, Germany
Jürgen Walter
Jürgen Walter
Head of Solutions and COO
Rosenheim, Germany
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