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Kathrein Develops New RTLS Solution for Outdoor Use

Kathrein Develops New RTLS Solution for Outdoor Use

Highest Location Accuracy Now Also Outdoors

Kathrein Solutions and its integration partners offer turnkey AutoID solutions. These include hardware, software, services and support. The medium-sized company with 33 employees carries out projects on all continents of the world.

In 2023, there will be a new solution for the logistics sector that will also be a technological innovation: RTLS for outdoor use with UWB.

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Seamless RTLS with UWB Now Also for Outdoor Applications

Real-time location or RTLS is a basic requirement for efficient logistics processes. Service providers automate processes in warehouses and in the field. Ultra wideband (UWB) is a suitable technology for this purpose because the positioning accuracy is extremely high.

UWB uses the signal propagation time between a UWB transponder and at least three receivers, called anchors, for precise localization. However, UWB must not be used outdoors with fixed transmitters. This would result in interference with other radio applications.

In a technological innovation, Kathrein Solutions has programmed the anchors so that they can be used indoors and outdoors. The company is the only provider of this new RTLS solution. Learn more in the interview with Kathrein's CEO Thomas Brunner.

Angle of Incidence of the Signal as a Method of Measurement for the Outdoors

To enable partner companies to fully utilize their UWB systems, Kathrein Solutions has introduced the RTLS "Angle of Arrival" mode. In the outdoors, the anchors now only act as receivers. In turn, the transponders, on industrial trucks for example, become mobile transmitters.

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Measuring the angle of incidence of the signal from the industrial truck or forklift allows precise localization with multiple measurements. The system is accurate to within 100 cm outdoors.

Full Signal Coverage and Precise Localization

The K-RTLS real-time localization system automatically detects in which anchor area a transponder is located. When indoors, it automatically switches to measuring the signal propagation time. This measurement method is more robust than measuring the angle of incidence and is accurate to within 10 cm.

Thanks to three different tracking modes, the system is dynamic and flexible. It can be adapted to the environment and the regulations that apply to the partners of Kathrein Solutions.

Contact the experts at Kathrein Solutions and learn more!

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Thomas Brunner
Thomas Brunner
Managing Director
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Emre Gürbüz
Emre Gürbüz
Chief Sales Officer
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management & Innovations
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Christian Schnebinger
Christian Schnebinger
Head of Sales & Partner Management
Stephanskirchen, Germany
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