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Kathrein Solutions: Test and Application Center For an Initial Feasibility Statement

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Test and Application Center For an Initial Feasibility Statement

Professional Services!

The test and application center of Kathrein Solutions in Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim offers a wide range of options for performing a full proof-of-concept under laboratory conditions or simply for a quick & dirty test to obtain a rough feasibility statement about your application.

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Simply contact Kathrein Solutions! to define a test concept together in advance. Then send them your test objects and they will take care of the rest. Their test report is the final part of your project.

In the test center, Kathrein Solutions has stationary applications with their RFID and RTLS technologies at their disposal, which are ready for immediate use without any major preparation effort.

In addition, with their PoC kits Kathrein Solutions always has all current KATHREIN RFID readers and antennas on site for individual test purposes.

Furthermore, two test chambers, which are used for antenna development, offer the possibility to perform transponder measurements on their acquisition objects. Thus, the most suitable transponder can be identified directly.

Test Overview

Hardware (RFID & RTLS)

  • The entire KATHREIN RFID and RTLS product portfolio
  • Classic gate and dock door applications (detection and/or direction)
  • Static detection points per individual setup
  • Kanban, shelf and inspection table applications
  • Localization options via AOA (outdoor) as well as TDOA and TOF (indoor)
  • Determination of optimal transponder positions at the detection object
  • Determination of suitable transponder types for detection object


  • Reader!Start as a simple test and configuration tool (RFID)
  • K-RTLS!Start as a simple test and configuration tool (RTLS)
  • CrossTalk Device Management for simple and complex test and process optimization
  • CrossTalk Quality App for advanced data analysis and visualization

Get to know our products

RRU 7700 Reader
RRU 4500 Reader Unit
ARU 3500 Antenna Reader Unit
RAIN RFID Antennas
RRU 1400 RFID Reader Unit
ARU 2400 UHF RFID Reader
IoT Suite CrossTalk
ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader
Thomas Brunner
Thomas Brunner
Managing Director
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Emre Gürbüz
Emre Gürbüz
Chief Sales Officer
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management & Innovations
Stephanskirchen, Germany
Christian Schnebinger
Christian Schnebinger
Head of Sales & Partner Management
Stephanskirchen, Germany
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