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Lecture from Wayne Miller, Zebra Technologies
Lecture from Wayne Miller, Zebra Technologies

Optimizing Patient Care in Hospitals


Asset Tracking and Localization

Speaker: Wayne Miller, Director, EMEA Healthcare Practice, Zebra Technologies

Title: Hull University Teaching Hospital Advances Patient Care with RTLS and RFID Solutions


    • The largest RFID for RTLS healthcare deployment in Europe
    • Optimizing the management, and track and trace of key medical equipment
    • Real-time localization of cricital medical equipment
    • RFID in use in the ICU
    • Increasing asset visibility and decreasing staff search times

Hull University Teaching Hospital drives patient care forward with RTLS and RFID solutions. The hospital is now using an RTLS solution with RFID to optimize the location of medical devices as well as patient care. Zebra mobile computers are used to manage, track and locate medical equipment in real time. Processes in intensive care units have been improved by RFID, and patient and staff satisfaction have increased significantly. Wayne Miller presents this use case, which is the largest deployment of RFID for RTLS in healthcare in Europe.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 05-2023: Healthcare + Security + Laundry Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 15th November 2023

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