Patrick Kochendörfer, Senior Project Manager, IDTRONIC

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items.

  • RFID read/write devices for UHF, HF, LF & LEGIC
  • Handheld computers with own RFID solutions
  • Embedded modules and readers
  • Antennas, Tags and Transponders
  • Complete RFID hardware from a single source

IDTRONIC develops, manufactures and sells RFID products for logistics, asset tracking, supply chain, industrial automation, waste management and laundry. Our product portfolio perfectly fits the needs of system integrators. Thanks to strong, technical-development and support teams, we are able to develop and offer high-end RFID products. We take care of our customers needs completely and individually. We customize solutions to match customer-specific needs, and offer a high degree of process automation.

Patrick Kochendörfer, Senior Project Manager, IDTRONIC

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iDTRONIC - Professional RFID

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items. Located in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and close to Frankfurt International Airport we are easily accessible for our international customers.

We offer RFID hardware for all common standards and frequencies including, UHF 865 – 928 MHz, HF 13.56 MHz and LF 125 kHz. Our product portfolio perfectly fits the needs of system integrators.

The complete range of RFID readers

Our RFID readers and writers with or without integrated antennas allow a wide variety of applications in the field of tracking, identification and authorization. iDTRONIC offers a complete range of RFID card readers, wall mounted terminals, mobile and stationary devices, and embedded modules for all frequencies and ISO standards, including ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2, ISO14443 A/B and ISO 15693.

The readers support the most common RFID chips and transponder types from leading manufacturers such as Atmel, NXP MIFARE®, EM or LEGIC®.

Our RFID readers are used in industry, logistics, retail, administration, and security as well as wellness and recreational facilities. As a special service we provide user-friendly software development kits and demo software for most of our RFID readers, writers and terminals. These enable developing customer- specific applications tailored to your requirements.

Parador develops interactive table with RFID from iDTRONIC

Interactive POS system: Smart Table with RFID technology Parador uses RFID devices from iDTRONIC as part of a newly developed interactive table. The table was designed to give their clients a realistic view of different flooring options in selected rooms using augmented reality (AR). This POS solution should help the customer to find the right floor in a simple and interactive way.

iDTRONIC introduces RFID handheld I-COLLECT 2.0

Mobile Data Collector in unique Pocket Format! iDTRONIC's I-COLLECT 2.0 is a mobile 2D Barcode & RFID HF Datacollector. The compact, low-profile design makes the data collector an ideal mobile handheld scanner. The Bluetooth Interface enables Real-Time Data Transfer. The device can also be used as a local data collector with no active connection. The scanner’s ease-of-use allows the user to use operate it with just a brief introduction, making it suitable for various application areas: Service, Retail, Stock Management, Asset Tracking, Visitor Registration and Inventory.

The RFID R831 Series OEM HF Stick Reader

Innovative and compact Design – Available in different 13.56 MHz Versions! iDTRONICs RFID R831 Series OEM HF Stick Reader is now available in different versions that support a different range of RFID transponders. The different versions include a high-end as well as a multi-ISO variant. The high-end version supports almost all common transponders in the RFID HF range; including DESFire, NFC, and microprocessor solutions. The Multi-ISO variant is characterized by its price-optimized performance and is a NXP MIFARE CLASSIC variant to provide a cost-effective solution. All versions are available as USB Virtual ComPort (VCP), as well as in a USB HID Keyboard Emulation (expect DESFire version) mode. According to customer requirements, the HID output of the reader may be adapted in advance to the requirements of any specific application. Thanks to its slim design, the RFID Reader may also be integrated into applications where space is limited. An integrated LED and a buzzer facilitate indicate status during use. The RFID stick reader may be used for access control during production, or as an authentication aid in the healthcare sector.

iDTRONIC Presents BLUEBOX RFID Panel Reader

The compact Access Control System iDTRONIC's BLUEBOX Panel Reader is a compact HF/NFC RFID Read & Write Module from our BLUEBOX Line. The Reader is round and small with a diameter of 28 mm. The integrated antenna transfers data with a maximum speed of 115.200 bits by second. The Panel Reader is suitable for many applications. It is particularly well suited to integration into existing Access Control, Automation Processes or for NFC Data Transfer.

iDTRONICs new Embedded Module: HF DESFire R835

Read & Write Function for many MIFARE® & DESFire Transponder ! iDTRONICs DESFire R835 is a new, low-cost microchip module from the Embedded Module R835 Line. The module is one of our smallest with dimensions of 3.45 × 0.58 × 0.3 cm. The integrated antenna transmits data at speeds of up to 115,200 bits per second. The DESFire R835 module is suitable for many applications within the medical sector, in vending machines for payment processing, or for access management. The Embedded Module R835 Series contains modules with four different configurations: DESFire, PSAM, Multi-Protocol and MIFARE®.

Patrick Kochendörfer
Patrick Kochendörfer
Senior Product Manager
Ludwigshafen, Germany
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