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iDTRONIC Unveils “Special Edition” of Flagship RFID Device


iDTRONIC Unveils “Special Edition” of Flagship RFID Device

New Product: NFC NDEF NEO2 Desktop Reader

iDTRONIC is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the NFC NDEF NEO2 Desktop Reader. This state-of-the-art device is designed to revolutionize connectivity by providing users with a seamless and efficient means of interacting with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as well as the ability to mass produce RFID tags with NDEF contents.

25 Mar 2024 - RFID Handheld Readers & Scanners

The NFC NDEF NEO2 Desktop Reader is a compact and versatile device that allows users to effortlessly read and write NFC NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) tags. This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and consumers alike, enabling them to streamline processes, enhance security, and improve user experiences.

Key Features of the NFC NDEF NEO2 Desktop Reader:

  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility: The reader is designed for ease of use, with plug-and-play functionality (USB 2.0 interface) that ensures quick setup and hassle free integration with existing systems.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With support for a wide range of NFC NDEF tag types, including text, URLs, contact information, and more, users can leverage the reader for diverse applications such as access control, data transfer, and marketing campaigns.
  • Secure Data Exchange: The NFC NDEF Desktop Reader prioritizes security, offering encrypted communication for sensitive information, making it an ideal solution for industries where data privacy is paramount.
  • Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the reader makes it suitable for desktop use in a variety of settings, from offices and retail environments to healthcare facilities and beyond.
  • Software Development Kit: The NEO2 is delivered with a software development kit (configuration software) for Windows systems. This supports the programming language Binary Command Protocol. The SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems.

iDTRONIC’S Managing Director, Roger Kochendörfer, expressed excitement about the product’s potential impact, stating,

“The NFC NDEF Desktop Reader is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting -edge solutions that empower businesses and individuals to harness the full potential of NFC technology. Its versatility and user-friendly design make it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.”

NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF)

NFC data exchange format (NDEF) specifies a common data format for NFC-compliant devices and tags. It is used to describe how a set of actions are to be encoded onto a NFC tag (e.g. open a URL, create an SMS, create an email, etc.). The benefit of using NDEF is that you do not need to have custom software running on the touching device.

Common NFC NDEF Record Types

  • vCard: Stores contact information (e.g. electronic business cards).
  • URL: Stores Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs), which include web addresses and other network resources and files.
  • Text: Stores text strings in multiple languages.
  • Smart poster: Stores text strings, URLs, SMS or phone numbers.
  • Connection handover: Stores pairing with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other protocols.
  • Device information: Stores basic details about the device mode and its identity.
  • Signature: Provides an algorithm or certificate type for use as a digital signature.

NFC NDEF Functionalities for Industrial Applications

25 Mar 2024 - NFC | NDEF Desktop Reader – NEO 2

Industry 4.0 relies on a number of technologies that add intelligence to production, inspection, security, service support and business operations. NFC NDEF fulfills its part in supporting a wide range of industrial applications.

For example:

  • vCard Service Contact: Get in touch with the service support team in case of system malfunctioning.
  • URL User Manual: Quick referrals to operating manuals and other kinds of assistance.
  • Product information: Reduce the cost of identifying items, goods, inventories, etc.
  • URL Emergency info: Use your phone to read emergency instructions in case of accident at the workplace in any given moment.

Regardless of the industry, be it healthcare, retail, banking or construction, the NFC NDEF NEO2 enables its users (with Read/Write functionality) to benefit from the wide array of applications that only NFC technology offers.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
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