Arjun Aggarwal, Director, SIVA IoT

SIVA IoT is a highly customer focused family company with a strong value system. Our passion for constant innovation & high quality are key attributes of our RFID labels/tags. We view ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers, determined in achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

Arjun Aggarwal, Director, SIVA IoT


SIVA IoT, established in 1986, stands as a prominent global supplier revered for its expertise in RFID technology, spearheading the expansion of IoT landscape.

Based in the vibrant hub of Verna, Goa, SIVA IoT epitomises a legacy of innovation and excellence. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is enshrined in our vision: to continually excel across all facets of our operations and garner recognition as a trusted supplier across diverse markets.

At the heart of our success lies a formidable team of RF design specialists and product development experts. With an unwavering focus on quality and efficiency, we maintain meticulous control over our production processes, ensuring optimal quality standards while minimizing production costs and waste.

With production facilities strategically located in the UAE and India, and distribution centres spanning the UK and The Netherlands, SIVA IoT seamlessly caters to a global clientele.

As a Quality and R&D driven manufacturer of RFID labels and tags, Syndicate’s core strength lies in its R&D team. Our team of RF engineers develop best in class performing products towards specific intended applications and surfaces that the RFID label or tag is mounted on. Our diverse knowledge of specialist materials, adhesives, and production processes all attribute to us consistently push the boundaries of innovation in new product development.

Our comprehensive range of offerings includes:

  • RFID labels and tags tailored for Returnable Transport Items (RTI)
  • Robust RFID Hard Tags designed for logistics and supply chain management
  • On-metal RFID labels optimized for efficient asset tracking
  • Moisture and Temperature sensing RFID labels for enhanced environmental monitoring
  • High-temperature resistant on-metal self-adhesive labels for extreme conditions
  • RFID Tamperproof labels for streamlined Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)
  • Tamperproof NFC labels designed for robust Anti-counterfeit measures and Brand protection
  • RFID Wristbands and Race Timing Products engineered for seamless event management and participant engagement

At SIVA IoT, we are not just suppliers; we are partners in progress, driving innovation and efficiency across industries, and shaping the future of IoT-enabled solutions.


Sensor Tags, Dual Frequency and BLE

Siva IoT is breaking new ground with the development of battery-powered temperature UHF and NFC tags.

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Arjun Aggarwal
Arjun Aggarwal
VP Global Sales
Goa, India
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Barbara Ribic
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