Reveal™: Temperature/Moisture Sensing RFID Labels
  • Reveal™: Temperature/Moisture Sensing RFID Labels
  • Reveal™: Temperature/Moisture Sensing RFID Labels

Reveal™: Temperature/Moisture Sensing RFID Labels

The Importance of Monitoring Environmental Conditions Around Sensitive Goods

SIVA's Reveal Series revolutionizes asset tracking by offering RFID labels with built-in temperature and moisture tracking capabilities. This innovative technology enables industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and logistics to monitor the environmental conditions of their assets in real time.

SIVA's Reveal Series goes beyond conventional RFID labels, providing a comprehensive solution for temperature-sensitive goods. With precise monitoring, businesses can ensure the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain. The Reveal Series not only answers the question of whether RFID tags can track temperature but also sets a new standard for industries demanding accurate and efficient environmental data. Stay ahead in the game with SIVA's Reveal Series – where innovation meets reliability for unparalleled temperature and moisture tracking.

Arjun Aggarwal

SIVA is a highly customer focused family company with a strong value system. Our passion for constant innovation & high quality are key attributes of our RFID labels/tags. We view ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers, determined in achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

Arjun Aggarwal
VP Global Sales
Goa, India

Key Facts

  • Facilitates brand authentication and information sharing
  • Can monitor environmental and material temperature and moisture content
  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customized printing of logo, text, and numbers
  • Mounted using high performance permanent self-adhesive


  • Food & grain products
  • Data center chiller and cooling monitoring
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Automotive leaks

SIVA IoT, established in 1986, stands as a prominent global supplier revered for its expertise in RFID technology, spearheading the expansion of IoT landscape.

Based in the vibrant hub of Verna, Goa, SIVA IoT epitomises a legacy of innovation and excellence. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is enshrined in our vision: to continually excel across all facets of our operations and garner recognition as a trusted supplier across diverse markets.

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