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SIVA IoT - Redefining to Stay Relevant

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SIVA IoT - Redefining to Stay Relevant

On-Goin Product Development to Extend Scope of Applications

At a glance:

  • Customer feedback is key for product development
  • New generations of chips being integrated into existing & new products
  • Antenna designs are constantly improved
  • Scope of use cases of SIVA products widens

Staying relevant effectively means two things to SIVA: continuing to remain competitive in the existing portfolio of products and keeping existing as well as new customers excited about the future by constantly developing and launching new products.

12 Mar 2024 - Quality in the Making since 1986

Focus on New Products

SIVA has a strong R&D team with a solid product development pipeline for new use cases/applications. This is very important in order to keep customers excited. The foundation for such research activities are laid by the Sales teams. “They are the ones who are talking to customers, sharing prototype developments, sharing ideas and finding out how installed systems are working”, explains Arjun Aggarwal, Executive Vice President of SIVA. Whenever customers are looking for a new type of tag which solves a new problem, SIVA wants to be the first to know about it.

Integrating New Chips

The life cycle of chips is shortening. The large semiconductors launch new chip versions almost every year, especially so in the UHF space. New generations of chips have higher read sensitivity, read range or offer different memory configurations. For SIVA, it is therefore mandatory to integrate new chips into existing products as well as new products as fast as possible. “This often means that the same product, which could not perform well in certain environments, all of a sudden has much better performance in that environment”, says Arjun Aggarwal. The use of new chips also provides solutions for new use cases / applications.

Adapting Antennas and Opening Up for New Use Cases

Product re-design with new chips often involves re-designing the antenna too. SIVA is using the best-in-class antenna designing software to create high performing antenna designs. Combining such antennas with a new-gen chip gives the absolute best in class performance. “It's been a very high-level journey for us over the last decade”, muses Arjun Aggarwal. “We've won several projects because our tag performed much better than other tags on computation, purely because of using the latest chip and the best-in-class antenna design.” This way, SIVA can give the market better quality products with a convincing performance which widens the scope of use cases and applications.

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Arjun Aggarwal
Arjun Aggarwal
VP Global Sales
Goa, India
Barbara Ribic
Barbara Ribic
Sales Consultant
Graz, Austria
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