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SIVA IoT Launches its Sense-T 6050 RFID Tag!

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SIVA IoT Launches its Sense-T 6050 RFID Tag!

SIVA IoT Launches Cost-Effective Temperature and Moisture Sensing RFID Tag

SIVA's Sense-T 6050 is a passive(battery-free) temperature and moisture sensing UHF label. Designed to work on a wide range of surfaces (excluding metal surfaces), Sense-T 6050 can monitor environmental and material temperature and moisture content.

08 Sep 2022 - SIVA IoT Launches the Cintura RFID Loop Tag!

The Sense-T 6050 uses the Magnus®S3 chip from Axzon along with a finely tuned RF antenna which harvests energy for the sensing function and communicates with a compliant reader. Offering a read range of up to 7m (2W ERP), the label is also complemented with a high-performance adhesive allowing the label to be applied onto a wide range of surfaces and withstand varied operational conditions.

Available as a Global Frequency version. 60 x 50mm dimensions, supplied in rolls of 2000 pcs on a 3” core ID

Application Areas

  • Food & grain products
  • Building & roofing materials
  • Bulk material temperature monitoring
  • Data centre chiller and cooling monitoring
  • Cold Chain monitoring

Personalization Options

  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Printing of colour logos, text, numbers, barcodes etc.

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Arjun Aggarwal
Arjun Aggarwal
Goa, India
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