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Quality in the Making since 1986

Image: SIVA IoT

Quality in the Making since 1986

Precision Manufacturing and Quality Assurance From SIVA IoT

At a glance:

  • Precision manufacturing for Quality Production & competitive pricing
  • Investing in training of machines operators is also important
  • Every label which leaves the facilities is tested
  • Strategic investment in new machinery and software

When customers are working with SIVA, they feel assured of working with a high-quality manufacturer with profound technological know-how and top-notch production facilities. Being a family-owned business, SIVA stands behind its products and investing into the quality of its products is strategic to the company for achieving success.

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Focus on Precision Manufacturing

SIVA believes that using the latest machines, quality tooling & raw materials leads to precision manufacturing, higher production outputs, reduced wastage and all this combined, leads to enhancement in profitability. “Without the right machinery we will most certainly incur quality problems, and so we do everything in our power to buy the best machines out there for our production lines”, says Arjun Aggarwal, Executive Vice President of SIVA IoT. “But precision manufacturing for us also means investing in the training of the operators of such machines. Only then can we make sure that they have a keen eye for quality. On-going quality work is something which we also reward internally.”

Quality Right First Time

SIVA has deployed multiple Voyantic systems to ensure that every single label which SIVA puts on the market has been performance tested. “This is why”, explains Arjun Aggarwal, “when we supply one role of 500 labels to a customer, we can confirm to them that every single label that will be deployed will perform.” SIVA offers a 12- months-warranty on all tags it sells, to provide customers the confidence & peace of mind when buying from SIVA. “For us, the sales cycle does not end after the customer has purchased the tags and we have received the payment”, says Arjun Aggarwal. “Our sales cycle ends when we hear from the customer that they were happy with the deployment, that all tags are functional and that therefore the project was a success. The success of our company lies in the success of our partners.”

Investments Into Quality Software and Hardware

Everyone’s success is ascertained by making the necessary investments in machinery and software. New generations of equipment almost always speed production lines up, decrease the labor-intensity and, ultimately, lower production costs. For SIVA, investing in new machines therefore generally makes a lot of business sense. “We recently invested in the latest generation of chip bonding machine, and it almost gives three times the output per hour compared to our previous machine”, remarks Arjun Aggarwal.

Get to know our products

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Arjun Aggarwal
Arjun Aggarwal
VP Global Sales
Goa, India
Barbara Ribic
Barbara Ribic
Sales Consultant
Graz, Austria
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