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SIVA Gaining Momentum in DACH

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SIVA Gaining Momentum in DACH

High-Quality & Niche Products and Persistence Were Key Factors

At a glance:

  • SIVA has wanted to increase market share in Europe for many years
  • Specialist RFID tags and niche products
  • Now used by large automotive manufacturers in Europe
  • Labels registered on the International Material Data System

A large proportion of RFID deployment in Europe is in the DACH region. The biggest application industry has traditionally been the automotive industry. SIVA has been targeting this market for many years and be known as a creditable partner to System Integration & Solution providers.

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Penetrating the DACH RFID Market

For an Internationally active Indian manufacturer of RFID tags, gaining a foothold in the DACH region has not been easy. “People are conservative and slow to explore new suppliers”, says Arjun Aggarwal, Executive Vice President of SIVA. Convincing potential customers of the superior quality of SIVA’s products was the only way the goal could be reached. “We are a very unique company coming out of India. 90 percent of our customers are based in Europe and it’s our high-quality products what convinced them to work with us.”

Many Large Customers in Germany

“Today the biggest region where we do business is Europe”, explains Arjun Aggarwal. “Some of our larger customers come from Germany, and after one decade of steady work, we're seeing our tags being deployed in Daimler Mercedes, Volkswagen & Bosch. Our tags are also going into Renault, the French automaker, and IKEA.”

SIVA’s key to success has been the unique product range. “We are offering unique products to this region. We have products which incumbent suppliers did not have. SIVA makes specialist and niche RFID labels & tags. This opened the door for SIVA as several Potential customers could find a solution from incumbents.”

Repeated Successful Deployments

SIVA always focuses on providing the right tag with the best antenna possible for the application at hand. This attitude impressed customers: “We did one successful deployment with them, then another one and then another, slowly and steadily, we became one of their main suppliers and were contacted for every single RFID requirement”, says Arjun Aggarwal. Today SIVA has labels registered on the International Material Data System (IMDS).

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Arjun Aggarwal summarizes: “For us, trying to sell in the DACH region, has been a difficult journey and taken a lot of time and effort. We are now recognized as a credible player at par or maybe a notch above other RFID tag companies in the region, and we are very grateful for that.”

Get to know our products

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Reveal™: Temperature/Moisture Sensing RFID Labels
Ferro™: An Exclusive Range of RFID Labels for Metallic Surfaces
Re-Load Pro: Washable RFID Labels for RTIs
Rhino™: Robust RFID Hard Tags for Applications in Challenging Environments
Arjun Aggarwal
Arjun Aggarwal
VP Global Sales
Goa, India
Barbara Ribic
Barbara Ribic
Sales Consultant
Graz, Austria
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