SMART Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Lecture from Burhan Gündüz, Elatec
Lecture from Burhan Gündüz, Elatec

Secure Authentication, Identification and Tracking


Smart Automotive Solutions

Speaker: Burhan Gündüz, Vice President Business Development EMEA, Elatec

Title: ELAverse of Mobility and Packaging – SMART Solutions


    • Secure authentication & identification processes
    • Driver Identification for commercial vehicles
    • Parts labeling: Barcode, QR-code vs RFID
    • Use cases in automotive production & logistics
    • Success stories: Mercedes-Benz, VW Group & Co.

Elatec offers smart solutions for the automotive industry, including secure authentication, parts labeling, and driver identification for commercial vehicles. Burhan Gündüz will compare the use of barcode and QR code technologies to RFID for automotive applications.

Also included: the latest use cases in automotive production and logistics and featuring success stories from Mercedes-Benz, VW Group and Co.!

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 04-2023: Automotive Production + Parts Logistics + Tire Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 21st June 2023

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