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M2Smart®SE Mobile Handheld Computer with M2UHF RFID

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ACD presents mobile UHF RFID reader based on M2Smart®SE

An Important Building Block on the Way to the Smart Factory!

In times of IoT and Industry 4.0, the importance of permanently and seamlessly monitoring material flows in the production process is becoming ever greater. The smart factory requires a high level of data transparency in all phases of the value creation process.

Many of these requirements are met by stationary RFID systems. Portable RFID readers are also increasingly being used to flexibly perform individual read or write operations as needed. As a specialist for mobile devices, ACD Elektronik GmbH takes this trend into account and presents a mobile UHF RFID reader based on the M2Smart®SE.

22 May 2023 - ACD Develops Custom Android Apps for Industry

The M2UHF-RFID module adds a powerful reader module to the family of plug-on modules for the M2Smart®SE, thus transforming it into an industrial RFID handheld. It has an integrated linear polarized antenna, reads all common UHF RFID tags, has a read range between one and two meters and an output power of 0 to 23 dBm. Thus, it covers most areas of application.

As is customary with all modules, the M2UHF RFID automatically starts operation via Plug and Play as soon as it is plugged into the basic device. The M2Smart®SE recognizes the module and starts the corresponding M2UHF-RFID app.

The included M2UHF-RFID App offers a wealth of options to customize the system to individual needs. In addition to common read/write functions, a convenient tag localization and other useful features, various country regions can also be set, for example.

Security and Long-Term Availability in Focus

The other technical features of the M2Smart®SE with M2UHF RFID are also tailored to the special requirements of the industrial sector. Long-term availability and a clear focus on security aspects are particularly noteworthy features of ACD Elektronik's Android™ embedded platform. This means that customers can calculate with eight years of support for hardware and software and thus have a high investment security. 

All critical services and functions that could lead to unwanted data exchange with third parties have been eliminated without restricting the usual comfort of the Android™ system. All relevant updates and security patches can be accessed via ACD support.

Another plus of the Mobile Handheld Computer is the robust housing design with high tightness as well as an enduring battery that can be changed during operation without having to reboot the device.

The patented modularity as well as the Android™ Industrial+ operating system make the M2Smart®SE with M2UHF RFID a slim, yet very robust and efficient solution for use in very different scenarios where RFID is required. 

09 May 2023 - ACD Elektronik at the SENSOR+TEST 2023!


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Uwe Mahler
Uwe Mahler
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