RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 06/2021
veRFIDa! Packing Station

veRFIDa! Packing Station

A revolutionary solution for decentralized retail packing & shipment verification, using UHF RFID.

veRFIDa! is a Packing Station system that can be bench mounted in a vertical position. The lightweight and liftable hood is RF reflective and thus prevents stray reads. veRFIDa! is multi-linearly polarised and is designed to have tilted and non-static RF fields. Thanks to its powerful and complex antenna array, veRFIDa! reads 500 tags reliably with 100 % accuracy. A speed test has also proven that it can read up to 1000 tags within one second.

It has gone through meticulous in-house testing conducted by Times-7's highly-qualified engineers.

George Mitchell

George Mitchell
Business Development Manager
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Proven Read Performance:

This product consistently read 500 tags in a densely tagged box, 500 times during testing with 100 % read accuracy.

Proven Speed Performance:

This product can read up to 1000 tags per second.

Key Features

  • Lightweight: Weighs approx. 10 kg
  • Low cost: A fraction of the cost of similarly performing products
  • Ease-of-deployment: Minimal labour required
  • Compact: Much less real estate required, unlike a tunnel system
  • Reader Compatibility: The system can accommodate any four-port UHF RFID reader
  • Excellent RF performance: Can read 1000 densely packed tags per second as well as sparsely packed liquid & metal assets


  • Designed for packing and shipment verification in e-commerce businesses across all industries.

Times-7 is a global, industry-leading, high-tech company specialising in the design and manufacture of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas.

Based in New Zealand, we export globally and are proud to count the largest RFID companies amongst our customers. We are a dedicated team leading the industry and creating innovative technology. Times-7 has the largest RAIN RFID antenna portfolio of standard products for all applications as well as bespoke and niche options.

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veRFIDa! Packing Station
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