Pallet and Load Carrier Management

Pallet and Load Carrier Management

A cross-docking service provider collects around 4 million pallets from suppliers each year and picks for the 35 final destinations Just-in-Time. Because of this manual capture, the process was extremely time consuming and heavily buggy.

All goods exit gates, all entrance gates and the passages for quality assurance, the intermediate storage and the packaging are equipped with RFID gates. Any movement of the goods between the different areas is now automatically recorded and can be visualized for the first time in real time.

Ron Jäger

Ron Jäger
Executive Manager Sales
Bad Berleburg, Germany

Key Facts

  • Already in the year of implementation, the losses fell from € 900,000 to € 35,000.
  • Due to RFID technology the error rate could be reduced to 0%.
  • Cost savings through the introduction of RFID totaling € 1,175,000 per year.
  • The ROI in this project was about 10 months.


  • Container management
  • Returnable transport item management
  • Pallet pool management

As a leading supplier of RFID-based process management systems, Winckel provides solutions to control, check, and optimize operative processes in supply chain management, production, and logistics.

  • RFID Consulting: Comprehensive consulting / Conceptual design of RFID based real time information systems
  • RFID System Integration: Technical consulting, software development, RFID Lab, after sales services

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