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Use Cases with Wireless IOT Technologies

A fixed reader identifies automatically which key is taken in or out of storage room.(Image: Tadbik Advanced Technologies)

'The Key' to Smart RFID Inventory Solutions in Fleet Management

Faster, accurate and more secure inventory management!

Tadbik Advanced Technologies presents a use case that demonstrates a custom-made RFID solution to optimize inventory taking at a large storage room of a leading global car rental facility, to prevent human errors, and improve response time to customer’s emergency calls when a spare car key or document is required.

The Challenge: The Efficient Management of Vehicle Keys & Documents

Imagine a storage room with 45,000 car keys and 60,000 of their related documents (Title and insurance). Your customer is locked out of their vehicle. Your goal is to quickly find one specific key and service the customer as quickly as possible. Go!

A leading global Car Rental Company faced this scenario often. Until recently, every time there was a need to locate a certain document or a spare key, it was a huge hassle. Documents and keys had to be located manually. This process was time consuming and human errors were inevitable.

In cases where the key was mistakenly placed in the wrong box, taken without permission or not returned at all, it took hours or even days to find it throughout the whole facility. This caused much frustration by the employees and the rental customers.

As Tadbik is a global RFID tagging specialist, it suggested the car rental company an alternative solution. Joined forces with a local system integration company, Tadbik offered a better, faster and more accurate inventory tracking solution.

The Solution: Automatic Inventory Tracking with RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides the capability of tracking and identifying an object in a matter of seconds without the need for line of sight or any manual search. A specially designed Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, made by Tadbik, is attached to each key with a unique ID, barcode and serialization to identify each key quickly and accurately. In addition to that, vehicle documents were tagged with RFID labels and serialized to match their related keys.

When a spare car key is needed or a vehicle title document is asked for review, an RFID hand-held reader is used to interrogate a specific key or file number, which is now found in a matter of seconds. A fixed reader portal was installed at the doors to determine when spare keys or files have been removed or entered the storage room.

A specially designed Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, made by Tadbik

A specially designed Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, made by Tadbik.

The Outcome: Faster, Accurate and More Secure Inventory Management

  • Faster service and improved efficiency of operations
  • Fully automated inventory management
  • Higher security level- eliminates loss and increases accountability
  • ROI has been realised within the first 6 month after implementation.
  • Applicable to any key management related sector (Transportation, Facility Mg, Army, Police etc.) 

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