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JYL-Tech Presents its RFID Waste Bin Tags

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JYL-Tech Presents its RFID Waste Bin Tags

Waste Management with RFID

JYL-Tech has developed a variety of RFID waste bin tags to suit different types of waste bin sizes and structures as well as working environments. These RFID waste bin tags have a sturdy plastic housing that protects them from moisture, rain, dirt and other environmental conditions. This makes them ideal for waste management solutions.

17 Nov 2023 - JYL-Tech RFID Laundry Chip Obtains Certification by OEKO-TEX®

The RFID waste bin tag types from JYL-Tech include the RFID Trash Can Disposable Label, RFID Laminated Hard Labels and the durable Nylon Bin Tag. They all have different chips and memory sizes.

Key Features of the JYL-Tech Waste Bin Tags

  • Easy to integrate: Standard size for easy installation or retrofitting
  • Tamper Resistant: Custom wrench screw drive to prevent fraudulent disassembly
  • Extensive Compatibility: The choice of frequency and memory capacity addresses common global installations and protocols
  • RELIABLE, CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: No line of sight required, option to mount on plastic or metal casings.

Benefits of the RFID Waste Bin Tag

  • Factory direct pricing 
  • 100% tested,10 year warranty  
  • A small, hidden chip that does not attract attention 
  • Protected from possible damage by bin construction  
  • Customizable

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