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Wiliot Partner Enablement Kit

Wiliot Partner Enablement Kit

Experiment, learn, and get started with Wiliot technology with the Starter Kit!

The Partner Enablement Kit is an important component of the onboarding process of Partners into the Wiliot ecosystem. The Kit is intended for training purposes and for enabling partners to evaluate the functionality and performance of the Wiliot technology.

The Kit is intended for Service Partners and VARs as part of Wiliot’s Partners program for the onboarding process, and includes all the required components to enable a Partner to learn how to operate Wiliot’s system, evaluate functionality, learn how to install it with customers, and review and analyze sensing data.

Thadious Fisher

Thadious Fisher
Head of Sales & GM, N. America / APAC
San Diego , USA

Key Features

  • 1 Year of Wiliot Cloud Services
  • 30 x Single-Band IoT Pixels
  • 30 x Dual-Band IoT Pixels for Plastic Material
  • 30 x Dual-Band IoT Pixels for Cardboard Material
  • 1 x Single-Band Bridge
  • 2 x Dual-Band Bridge Device
  • 1 x Gateway Device
  • 1 Wiliot Starter Kit
  • Access to the Wiliot Community Forum & Support Portal
  • Early access to the Wiliot Automation Platform


  • Retail - Apparel
  • Retail - Food and Beverage
  • Environment monitoring
  • Healthcare

Our mission: The safety, efficiency & sustainability for trillions of everyday things

Wiliot Cloud and IoT Pixels have the brains and self-awareness to tell you where your products are, who’s using them, the temperature around them, when they need replenishing, and many more insights.

From computer chips to chocolate chips, from drugs to denim, there is virtually no product that can’t benefit from our item-level awareness.

Wiliot is transforming the way products are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and ultimately, recycled by enabling a new level of visibility of products in the wholesale channel, cutting the capital tied up in inventories and environmental footprint, while driving up sales by having real-time insights into their products wherever they are used. We invite you to help make sense of the world with Wiliot.

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Wiliot Partner Enablement Kit
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