IO-Link integration

Next Level IO-Link with FieldEcho by SICK

Sick has developed the software tool 'FieldEcho' with the aim of closing existing integration gaps.

Sick closes the last IO-Link integration gap with a software tool

The use of IO-Link devices instead of parallel-wired analog sensors is characterized by higher performance with less effort. Cost savings of over 30 percent and time savings of up to 60 percent are real values resulting from automation. Measured values and data are transmitted interference-free via IO-Link. In addition, it is independent of controllers and fieldbus systems.

IO-Link has the potential to take factory automation to a new level. Despite all the advantages and potential of the technology, there was an integration gap that made the use of IO-Link difficult from the perspective of industrial companies. In an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Peter Kamp from SICK reports on how this gap has been closed.

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