Think WIoT DAY 03-2021: Healthcare & Security

Healthcare | Security

Think Wireless IoT Day 03/2021

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If you are interested in a participation as a speaker, please visit our Think WIOT Days service site or contact Anja Van Bocxlaer.

Main Topics of the Expert Lectures on “Knowledge in Healthcare and Security”

  • Digitalization and protection against cyber attacks
  • Asset tracking of medical devices
  • Product authentication of pharmaceuticals
  • Temperature monitoring of medical products
  • Monitoring of patient compliance
  • Automation of the sterile goods supply in the operating room
  • Pneumatic tubes between ward and laboratory
  • NFC/RFID chip for battery-free operation of sensors

In Cooperation With:

  • Universitätsmedizin Essen
  • Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
  • Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
  • Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden
  • HID Global
  • Asklepios
  • identiv
  • IMMS Institut
  • Ubi Solutions
  • University Hospital Aarhus
  • Times-7

Short Video Sums Up the Think WIOT Day Healthcare!

The Recordings of the Following Lectures are Available!
Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
Dr. Klaus-Uwe Höffgen, Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
Dr. Klaus-Uwe Höffgen, Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
Chief Digital Officer, Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
Live-Interview: Protection Against Cyber Attacks on Medical Facilities
  • Contribution of the Covid-19 Pandemic to Cyber Security Measures
  • Responses to Ever-Increasing Threats
  • Improving Information Security the Right Way
DNU Aarhus
Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen, DNU Aarhus
Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen, DNU Aarhus
CIO, DNU Aarhus
Live-Interview: 132 Ventilators Tagged with RFID within One Weekend at Aarhus
  • University Hospital Aarhus Converted from General Hospital to Corona Hospital within Days
  • Ensuring Availability of Ventilators during Covid-19
  • Locate All Devices in Real Time
Benjamin Reppe, UKD & Christian Pohlenz, UKL
Benjamin Reppe, UKD & Christian Pohlenz, UKL
Project Manager UKD & Project Manager UKL
Pneumatic Tube System at the University Hospitals in Leipzig and Dresden – in Changing Times
  • Changing Requirements for Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Introduction of Modern Technologies such as RFID
  • What Is Necessary to Meet Current and Future Requirements
HID Global
Eric Suligoj, HID Global
Eric Suligoj, HID Global
Director Business Development, HID Global
RFID Ensures Safety, Efficacy and Security of People, Vaccines, and Devices
  • Protect and Authenticate Vaccine and Drug Chain of Custody
  • Digital, Real-Time Contact Tracing, Patient Monitoring and Asset Location
  • Automate Medical Device Usage and Calibration, Laundry & Inventory Management
Vera Mauerberger, Identiv
Vera Mauerberger, Identiv
Product Manager, Identiv
When IoT Meets Wellness: Intelligent RFID Makes Healthcare Simpler, Smarter, and Safer
  • RFID Makes the World Increasingly More Digital
  • Connecting Everyday Items in the IoT
  • Benefits for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market by Adding Flexible RFID
  • Authentication, Anti-counterfeiting, Transfer of Patient Information


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