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Balluff Explains Benefits of IO-Link Wireless

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Balluff Explains Benefits of IO-Link Wireless

Facilitating the Operation of Dynamic, Mobile and Hard-to-Reach Applications!

Balluff offers an extensive IO-Link portfolio including numerous sensors and actuators as well as a range of networking and connectivity technology. IO-Link Wireless is an extension of IO-Link on the physical level and refers to wireless communication between sensors/actuators and the IO-Link master, which is connected to the controller (PLC) via a fieldbus.

Specially developed for industrial automation, IO-Link Wireless offers real added value for even better machine and plant designs - especially in dynamic, mobile or hard-to-reach applications like robotics.

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Extending Wireless Communication in Industrial Automation

IO-Link Wireless does not serve as a replacement for wired solutions, but is instead an extension that makes it possible to benefit from all of the advantages of wired IO-Link solutions wirelessly. The IO-Link wireless master does not receive its data by cable, but receives the sensor data via a bridge or hub by radio. IO-Link Wireless makes it possible to use IO-Link in machine areas where it was previously not possible.

IO-Link Wireless included the following individual components:

  • The IO-Link Wireless master is responsible for communication between devices and the programmable logic controller (PLC). The master can communicate with up to 40 devices. A device can currently be an IO-Link sensor/actuator connected to a bridge or a hub with up to 8 connected analog sensors.
  • The IO-Link Wireless bridge can connect to any standard IO-Link device, enabling wireless transmission of data from that device.
  • With the IO-Link Wireless hub, up to 8 digital I/Os can be connected to the IO-Link Wireless system.

Benefits of IO-Link Wireless

"Whether in inaccessible places, in robotics or in highly dynamic transport systems: IO-Link Wireless promises even more flexible and sustainable application - while maintaining system integration and compatibility", explains Michael Zahlecker, Product Manager at Balluff. IO-Link Wireless provides flexibility and responsiveness with a transmission rate of 1 byte/5 ms, reliability with a maximum packet data error rate of 10⁻⁹ and scalability through the integration up to 40 IO-Link devices on one master, as well as the integrity of an international standard.

In wireless transport systems for example, dynamic motion sequences in three axes, such as those used in robotics, make cabling complex and costly. Fixed sensor and actuator wiring comes with disadvantages because cables and contacts are subject to high stress, fatigue or breakage due to bending and twisting forces. This can lead to increased and unplanned machine downtime. IO-Link Wireless is able to circumvent these problems.

16 Feb 2023 - Balluff Opens New Production Site in Mexico

Contact the experts from Balluff and find out more about IO-Link Wireless!

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Gerhard Matzke
Product Manager
Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany
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Rainer Traub
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