Secure Charging Processes and Fire Protection with NB-IoT

Lecture from Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Denios
Lecture from Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Denios

24/7 Condition Monitoring for Industry 4.0


Fire Protection with NB-IoT

Speaker: Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Director Innovation / R&D, Denios

Title: Fire Protection in Factories with NB-IoT Condition Monitoring


    • 24/7 condition monitoring with NB-IoT
    • Secure charging of Li-ion batteries
    • Reducing travel distances for workers with mobile tools
    • Documenting charging processes in the cloud
    • Fire alarms from the cloud

Denios is a specialist for storage and handling of hazardous substances, environmental protection and industrial workplace safety. The lecture will focus specifically on how to safely store and handle Li-ion batteries. These batteries are at risk of thermal runaway, causing fires.

Dr. Jan Regtmeier will show how NB-IoT technology can be used for 24/7 condition monitoring to optimize fire protection for batteries. Charging processes are documented in a cloud and trigger fire alarms if conditions change.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 03-2023: Industrial IoT + Energy Industry + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 5th April 2023

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