RFID Logistics Label
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RFID Logistics Label

herpa tech manufactures stick-to-skin patches and sensors including RFID

Self-adhesive RFID tags for plastic containers must deliver best performance over many years in harsh conditions. The containers are monitored with RFID labels for traceability within the supply chain.

Only with a multilayer material build-up, where every layer is tailored for the application, can this be achieved. The RFID labels used are produced, printed and provided with a highquality protective laminate by herpa print.

Wilfried Lentzsch

Wilfried Lentzsch
Sales Director
Much, Germany

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Application Fields

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Key Facts

  • Container and crate tags
  • High-temperature tags
  • Heavy-duty tags
  • On-metal tags
  • Tamperproof windshield tags
  • Embedded tags


  • Logstics & transport
  • Container management
  • Vehicle Identification

Founded in 2015, with over 100 years of experience! herpa tech is driven by a motivated, innovative and highly experienced team with extensive experience in high-tech converting for the demanding market. We are entrepreneurs with the goal of being best in class! As a partner to our customers, we are pushing existing boundaries and setting new standards.

  • For us, special products are the norm.
  • We offer customized product solutions for the pharma, Medtech, RFID, industry, and the security market.
  • Our product portfolio comprises innovative special labels, including self- adhesive functional parts, medical patches for wearable sensors, RFID labels, printed electronics, and security solutions for product protection.
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