RFID inlay production WCE machine series

RFID inlay production WCE machine series

Flexible platform for antenna embedding and RFID inlay production.

The WCE2000 sets the standard for high-speed wire embedding and RFID inlay production: Superior quality, highest accuracy and unmatched productivity at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The system can be designed to perfectly match your needs: sheet to sheet (S2S) , reel to sheet (R2S) , or reel to reel (R2R).

The WCE machine series are tailor-made solutions for the development of mid-size and large volume RFID inlay production.

All concepts enable a combination of automatic punching of modules, module placement, wire inlays, and electric connection of module and antenna. Antenna layout can be programmed with the “Easy Create” software tool. Wire embedded antennas produced on ruhlamat machines are extremely cheap and yet provide the best product characteristics compared to etched or plated antennas.

Wilfried Schaub

Wilfried Schaub
Sales Manager Card & Passport Systems
Marksuhl, Germany

Key Facts

  • Large format high-speed wire coil embedding
  • Hole / hinge puncher
  • Pick & place
  • Variable configuration with up to 12 laying heads
  • Highly modular and flexible, allows for the processing of web and sheet materials
  • Unmatched throughput up to 4,050 antennas/hour as antenna embedding machine and up to 2,000 finished RFID inlays/hour as inlay manufacturing line
  • Very precise and accurate antenna embedding on various substrates


  • RFID inlay production via ultrasonic wire laying technology
  • Contactless and dual interface cards
  • Inlay manufacturing for electronic passports

ruhlamat is an innovative engineering and machine building company with its headquarters located in Germany. The company's activities are focused on machine solutions.

  • Machine solutions for the personalization of electronic passports and ID cards as well as for the production of chip modules
  • RFID inlay production
  • Machine solutions for (3D) wire embedding on various materials
  • Customized machine system solutions
  • Traditional special machinery

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RFID inlay production WCE machine series
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