RFID High Protection Hard Tag

RFID High Protection Hard Tag

These hard tags come in different cases and are highly sturdy for industrial markets where critical and potentially hazardous situations require reliable identification of assets. We can make different types of multiform hard tags, such as anti-metal, non-metal, UHF, HF and UHF+HF to meet different applications and requirements.

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Gavin Rao

Gavin Rao
Sales Director Europe
San Sebastian, Spain

Key Facts

  • Sturdy and can withstand harsh environments
  • Different shapes and frequency optional
  • Multiple installation methods


  • Industry 4.0
  • Warehouse Racks
  • Equipment and Instruments
  • Container and Trays
  • Outdoor Assets

As the largest RAIN RFID partner organization, RichRFID specializes in designing and manufacturing passive RFID (NFC & HF & UHF) inlays & labels, on-metal tags, anti-metal labels, RFID+EAS tags, tire tags, and etc. for retail, asset management, warehouses, logistics, healthcare, industry 4.0, and etc.

After acquiring Farsens wholly in 2020, a well-known passive UHF+ sensor chip company in Spain, we launched UHF+sensor chips and tags for TMPS, temperature, pressure, humidity, LED light, orientation, luminosity, weight, smart switches, and etc.

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Application Fields

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