How to Use 5G Effectively in Industrial Applications

Lecture from Dominik Bittner, Siemens
Lecture from Dominik Bittner, Siemens

Practical Tips on 5G Network Deployment!


Smart Factories with 5G

Speaker: Dominik Bittner, Product Owner Industrial 5G and Industrial WLAN, Siemens

Title: How Mature is 5G in Europe and Beyond?


    • Status quo of 5G rollout in Europe and the world
    • What is the current 5G performance?
    • What decisions and operational steps do industrial companies need to realize in order to build a 5G network?
    • Industrial 5G routers for public and private networks
    • What upcoming 5G technology building blocks for industry are currently under development?

Dominik Bittner provides insights on the maturity of 5G developments worldwide. This includes current and future network performance and technology building blocks for 5G. Viewers will receive practical tips on 5G network deployment and detailed information on required hardware. This includes industrial 5G routers.

Learn more about practical 5G applications in industry 4.0!

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 03-2023: Industrial IoT + Energy Industry + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 5th April 2023

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