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Tageos Announces Two Major New RFID Manufacturing Sites

Image: Tageos

Tageos Announces Two Major New RFID Manufacturing Sites

Tageos Announces Two Major New RFID Manufacturing Sites in the USA and China

Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, has announced the imminent opening of two new manufacturing sites in the USA and China. As integral parts of the company’s global growth and sustainability strategy, the new facilities in Fletcher, NC (USA), and Guangzhou (China) will raise the company’s total annual production capacity to more than 7 billion inlays in 2023, expected to grow beyond 15 billion products by 2025 balanced across all continents worldwide.

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Both sites are scheduled to open soon, with Guangzhou ready to commence production operations on March 1, 2023. As for Fletcher, all approvals have been obtained from the relevant authorities, including the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development, and a site at Quality Point has been selected. Hiring of personnel will start immediately, with production operations scheduled to begin by May 2023. The decision to further expand production capacity in the USA and China on a scalable basis was strongly supported by Fedrigoni Group, which became Tageos’ majority shareholder last year.

Focused on Quality

To ensure manufacturing quality of the same high level as at its headquarters in Montpellier, France, which has repeatedly received ARC Quality Certification from the University of Auburn, all new machines for Fletcher and Guangzhou will be thoroughly tested, qualified, and set up to Tageos’ high standards before release. The French-based RFID powerhouse has taken a conscious decision to ramp up production steadily, to ensure that Tageos’ renowned product quality will be maintained for all regions and customers globally.

A Major Step in Tageos’ Growth Strategy

Overall, Tageos considers these latest investments as important parts of its long-term and highly sustainable growth strategy and will continue evaluating further possible expansions of its global manufacturing capabilities in other high-demand regions of the world.

“We have built our reputation for particularly sustainable and high-quality RFID inlays and tags. Regional presences with short delivery distances contribute significantly towards sustainable logistics, and the fact that customers and partners can simply be more quickly and easily served contributed strongly to our decision to establish additional manufacturing sites and strengthen our presence in these very important markets”, said Matthieu Picon, CEO and Co-Founder of Tageos. “The strong support of our shareholders has enabled us to invest a higher, multi-million euro amount, and thus to continue to implement our growth strategy. I am convinced that the current investments are just the next step along our path to mutual success.”

Benefits for Customers and Shareholders

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Marco Nespolo, CEO of the Fedrigoni Group, added: “When we entered the partnership with Tageos and acquired a majority of its shares, it was always our common ambition to drive and achieve new levels of sustainable growth. Now, we are proving that this is much more than just a beginning and that, together, we are capable of achieving truly great things and making our mark in the RFID industry and beyond - for the benefit not just of Tageos and Fedrigoni, but also for our customers.”

“From the beginning, we were convinced that Tageos is a strong and important player in the RFID industry, bringing innovation, true sustainability, and new quality levels to the market. Today's announcement is a compelling testament to that assessment, and we look forward to supporting Tageos on its continued path to success," said Francois Veron, General Partner at Newfund Capital.

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