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Livestream: Wireless IoT Use Cases, Trends & Best Practice
Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2023 on January 25th 2023 from 10:00 to 14:00 CET

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The livestream will begin on January 25th at 10:00 CET. Rebroadcasts will air on January 25th at 09:00 PST and January 26th at 10:00 AEST. Click your preferred timezone to register.

It's All About Transformation, Digitalization, Sustainability and the Future.

Seven experts will present innovations for retail, logistics and agriculture on January 25th. These innovations optimize processes in the value chain from the producer to the consumer. Find out how it works - live!

Main Topics in the Livestream

Smart Farming

IoT sensors monitor measurements for animal welfare and health in barns. AI determines ideal harvest times for fruits and vegetables.

Warehouse Logistics

Object localization in warehouses is carried out with UWB and RFID. This is mapped as a digital twin. AI optimizes the route planning of forklifts. RFID enables the unique identification of merchandise containers. 5G data glasses support logistics employees in picking processes.

Supply Chain Tracking

Transport packaging with integrated NFC tags track FMCG and monitor temperature in cold chain logistics. IoT trackers with LoRaWAN and Sigfox locate wine crates in the supply chain.

Smart Retail

5G-enabled shopping carts optimize the customer journey in supermarkets. RFID enables automated and autonomous self-service stores. New applications combine RFID, cryptography and blockchain for product authentication.

With lectures from:

  • TomKat Global Solutions
  • SPAR Österreich
  • La Vie Du Vin
  • Blockstore Group
  • TB International
  • SUKU World
  • Stal Data
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TomKat Global Solutions
Alexey Dubrovin, TomKat
Alexey Dubrovin
Track-N-Trace Blockchain Manager, TomKat Global Solutions
KoolPak Track and Trace
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Temperature Monitoring and Tracking with NFC
  • Sustainable Transport Packaging for Seafood and other FMCG
  • Container Life Cycle Management
  • Recyclable Packaging
Blockstore Group
Dr. Jussi Nummela
CTO, Blockstore Group
Automating and Digitizing Grocery Retail with RFID-Enabled Self-Service Stores and Supply Chain
  • Self-Service Supermarkets with RFID and AI
  • Automated Inventory and Replenishment Management in Real Time
  • Preventing Food Waste with Best Before Date Monitoring and Dynamic Pricing
  • Walk-In Walk-Out Shopping and In-App Payment
  • Automated Goods Tagging with Robots
SPAR Austria Group
Andreas Kranabitl
Managing Director, SPAR ICS
Optimized Customer Journey, Intelligent Supermarkets and Retail Logistics with 5G
  • 5G Campus Network in a Supermarket in Vienna
  • Shopping Carts in the 5G Network
  • Harvest Time Calculation and Increased Product Availability with AI
  • Tracking Shopping Cart Routes and Preventing Queues at Checkouts
  • Use of 5G Data Glasses in Retail Logistics
La Vie Du Vin
Nicolas Moulin
Founder and President, La Vie Du Vin
Unprecedented Market Data through both Qualitative and Quantitative Wine Tracking
  • Concept and vision
  • Picking the right technology depending on the use cases
  • Use case 1: parallel market detection and distribution problem
  • Use case 2: qualitative tracking - transport and responsibility 
  • Use case 3: automatic cellar monitoring
TB International
Johannes Rudenko
Managing Director Logistics & IT, TB International
UWB and RFID Technology in Warehouse Logistics at TB International
  • 40% Efficiency Increase in Warehouse Logistics
  • Mapping the Warehouses with a Digital Twin
  • Automating Carton Handling with UHF RFID and UWB
  • Real Time Management and Route Planning for 80 Forklifts
  • Tagging, Shipping and Tracking of over 500,000 Cartons per Year
Stal Data
Jari Vogels
Owner, Stal Data
Smart Farming: Improving Animal Health and Well-Being with IoT Technology
  • IoT Sensors Monitor Animal Well-Being
  • Temperature, Moisture, CO2 and NH3 Monitoring in Pig Farming
  • Data Transmission in Agriculture with LoRaWAN
  • Raising Livestock in Compliance with Ammonia Limits
  • Optimizing Barn Conditions with Real Time Data
Suku World
Lucas Henning
CTO, Suku World
Combining NFC and NFT Technology for Product Authentication in Retail
  • Authenticating Physical Objects with NFC and NFTs
  • Connecting Objects with Metaverses
  • Transforming Social Media Accounts into Blockchain Wallets
  • Blockchain Use Cases
  • Combining RFID, Cryptography and Blockchain for Authentication Solutions


La Vie du Vin
Stal Data
SUKU World
TB International
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