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Best Practice and Technology Live and Direct!
Think Wireless IoT Day 04-2022: Livestream on June 15th

It's All About Transformation, Digitalization, Sustainability and the Future

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Experts explain how wireless IoT technology is shaping the smart city of the future.

What is it All About?

An increasing number of cities are using LPWAN networks. Sensors monitor soil moisture near city trees and green zones. Traffic and parking management is optimized with RFID, and traffic lights are adapted to the flow of traffic with WIoT technology.

Building management uses BLE, WiFi and sensor technology. Public transport uses BLE and NFC for mobile ticketing solutions. Lighting and waste management systems are controlled with LPWAN transmitted data. Recycling machines with RFID and NFC are placed next to conventional waste containers.

Main Topics of the Expert Lectures on “Smart City | Environment | Future IoT”

  • LPWAN Networks in Smart Cities
  • Environment monitoring with sensors
  • Traffic and parking management optimized by RFID
  • Building management with BLE, WiFi and sensors
  • Ticketing solutions with BLE and NFC
  • Control of lighting and waste management systems with LPWAN
  • Recycling machines with RFID and NFC

In cooperation with:

  • Elatec
  • Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM), University of Applied Sciences
  • Scottish Canals
  • Plantobelly
  • İstanbul Grand Airport
Think WIOT Day Movies
TH Mittelhessen
Abduaziz Juraboev
Research Associate at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen
Implementation of RFID and Wireless IoT Technologies into Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Accurate localisation and guidance systems for blind and mobility impaired people in indoor areas based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Reliable recognition, assignment and tracking of the objects throughout their lifecycle by RFID tags to detect hidden infrastructure objects.
  • Development of an App, which can be accessed and presented to users in visual and audio form, for detecting structures in various environments.
Janek Grill
Global Account Manager Sales, Elatec
Authentication for the Smart City
  • A day in RFID City: a peak into the daily life of a citizen in the Smart City, where access to necessities and amenities is unlocked with the wave of an ID card or smartphone.
  • Potential applications for authentication, from EV charging docks to the fitness center to bike sharing.
  • How emerging smartphone solutions are changing the authentication game.
  • How to create a user-centric authentication solution that maximizes data security and physical safety while streamlining access for employees, tenants and citizens.
  • Plus, a real-world example of a modern authentication system in action.
Bastian Klemke
Founder, Plantobelly
Soil Moisture Monitoring with Sensor Technology and LoRaWAN
  • Preventing tree mortality through optimized irrigation planning
  • LoRaWAN-enabled sensors measuring soil moisture in close proximity to trees and making the data available in a web service.
  • Protection of plants and trees from pests with sensors
İstanbul Grand Airport
Bilal Yildiz
Electronic Systems Manager, İstanbul Grand Airport
Digitised Airport: Achieving Net-Zero Energy using LoRaWAN, Smart Metering, Big Data and AI
  • Overview of the İGA LoRaWAN-Network: Scope of monitoring and smart metering applications
  • Enabling remote monitoring and predictive maintenance using sensors
  • How new sensors are developed for airport-specific applications
  • Latest Use Cases: Wastewater treatment and bathroom monitoring at İGA
  • Utilizing Big Data analysis and AI to improve energy efficiency and transition to sustainability
  • Future developments and partnerships: How airport partners benefit from the LoRaWAN-Network
Scottish Canals
Peter Robinson
Head Of Engineering at Scottish Canals
Smart Water Management in Glasgow
  • What is the North Glasgow Integrated Water Management System (NGIWMS) programme?
  • Smart systems to manage real time water levels on 19th Century Infrastructure in a changing climate
  • Storm predictions to mitigate impact of flooding
  • Expanding the system to create city wide opportunities


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