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RFID makes production and logistics processes highly transparent

RFID: Bridge between OT and IT

RFID: Bridge between OT and IT

RFID makes production and logistics processes highly transparent, from incoming goods to production and warehousing right through to shipping – an ideal solution also for the efficient management of returnable transport items (RTIs). With UHF readers and displays on forklifts, there are no more blind spots even when transporting multiple containers in production or in the warehouse.


Returnable transport items, such as pallets, grid boxes or plastic boxes are the pack horses of many production and logistics chains. However, logistics systems are not transparent if the movements and positions of RTIs are not continuously recorded. This results in excessive costs due to the buildup of spares and buffer stocks as well as expensive shipping. The use of RFID technology ensures the efficient management of an RTI pool over the entire process chain of production. An end-to-end tracking concept improves transparency and control in load carrier management and thus creates added value in production logistics, which increases pool transparency and minimizes shrinkage and loss.

Digitalisierte Prozesse und Lieferketten

RFID handheld readers are ideal for reading tags on the move and in processes that cannot be easily automated with conveyor belt, gate or forklift readers.

Digitized Processes and Supply Chains

Complex structures as well as considerable cost pressure present companies in the manufacturing industry and logistics with the same challenge: rapid decision making based on real-time information is becoming increasingly more important in order to stay competitive.

Today, RFID systems are the means of choice to generate decision-critical information. They bridge the gap between the physical world of production (operational technology, OT) and IT-based MES and ERP systems. By linking objects with the data of the IT systems, RFID systems generate the necessary transparency for lean processes and digitalized supply chains.

The aggregated information, such as times, locations, users, or processes completed, allow smart functions such as automated production and ordering processes, the identification of error sources or the accurate forecasting of potential bottlenecks. RFID information enables your systems and decision-makers to make the right choices.

Transparency from incoming goods to shipping

RFID based information provides countless processes in production and logistics with transparency, from the incoming goods department to production and warehouse, right through to shipping. The returnable transport items (RTI) such as pallets, grid boxes, plastic boxes or metal tubs play a major role here. Returnable transport items are a key factor for ensuring the quality of production processes.

RFID-based container management ensures that returnable transport items are always present at the right location, in the correct quantity and quality, and at the right time. The costs for an RFID system are therefore paid back very quickly thanks to the enormous savings achieved since no missing containers need to be procured at short notice and made available at the place of use.

"Track and trace with RFID is the key to reliable delivery times, error-free manufacturing and agile production. We will show you how to sustainably optimize your processes at www.turck.de/tat" - Bernd Wieseler, Head of Product Management RFID at Turck

Bernd Wieseler, Head of Product Management RFID at Turck
RFID-Based Container Management
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