Robust UHF RFID Label for Extreme Conditions

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Robust UHF RFID Label for Extreme Conditions

UHF RFID Vehicle Tag from B-Id for Tracking Car Parts and Dental Tools

At a glance:

  • Robust and resistant to extreme conditions
  • Solder connection between antenna and chip
  • Application in the automotive industry and in dentistry

B-Id is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID hardware. The company is actively involved in the development of industrial transponders that stand out due to their robustness and are capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions. The UHF RFID Vehicle Tag represents an important part of B-Id's comprehensive portfolio. With its targeted use for tracking vehicle parts and successful integration in the field of dentistry, this product underlines the versatility and performance of RFID technology in an industrial context.

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High-Tech Transponder

The UHF RFID Vehicle Tag is a high-tech transponder developed by B-Id that is manufactured using SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology. "In this process, the individual chip is precision-isolated from the supplied wafer and placed in a protective packaging to ensure sustainable longevity," says Yiwen Jin, Managing Director of B-Id. The antenna, in particular, is not glued onto the chip, but connected via a highly robust soldering process, which creates a more resilient bond between the chip and antenna. Copper antennas are used, which lead to an increase in overall performance due to their elasticity and superior connectivity compared to aluminum.

Customized Design for Application on Cars

Due to the soldered connection between the chip and antenna, the UHF RFID Vehicle Tag is exceptionally stable and can withstand harsh environments. This makes the UHF RFID Vehicle Tag suitable for the intended application on the exterior surface of vehicles. B-Id goes one step further and optimizes the aesthetics of the tag with a wafer-thin silver layer on the copper antenna. This innovative modification makes the tag particularly discreet, especially when attached to car headlights, without compromising antenna performance. "The conscious decision to use silver as a coating material was made because it does not affect conductivity and offers clear advantages, despite the higher cost factor. The silver layer is, however, very thin," explains Yiwen Jin.

Possible Applications in Dentistry

Due to its high robustness, the UHF RFID Vehicle Tag has already been used in the field of dentistry. Customer requirements for the precise labeling and identification of dental tools are met by using this tag. The history of each tool can be retrieved at any time thanks to the UHF RFID Vehicle Tag from B-Id. These tags can easily withstand up to 10 hours in a vacuum, under the influence of moisture and the extreme temperatures of the sterilization process in an autoclave. "We have successfully mastered the challenging requirements for such a transponder with the UHF RFID vehicle tag. Although we have already started mass deliveries for dental applications, we are planning to expand the possible uses of this transponder to other sectors in the future," says Yiwen Jin.

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Yiwen Jin
Yiwen Jin
Managing Director
Hannoversch Münden, Germany
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Erhard König
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