CAEN RFID with New Products at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

CMO Stefano Coluccini will hold a lecture in the “Wireless IoT Technology” forum!

CAEN RFID will be participating in the DIGITAL RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 as an exhibitor and with a presentation in the digital conference.

The RFID experts from Italy will showcase new hardware solutions in the form of a focused lecture and as a digital demo at the digital exhibition booth.

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3 Product Launches in 2020

In 2020, CAEN RFID has expanded its product portfolio with three brand new products. At the booth in the exhibition, the experts will present RAIN RFID readers Hadronmini R1271C and skID R1280IE/IU Mini-Sled, as well as the data loggers qLog RT0012 and RT0013.

Premiere: The skID Bluetooth Reader

At the digital booth, the CAEN RFID team will be presenting the latest product developments including the sKID Bluetooth Reader. The product is an extension of the easy2read family of mobile devices. The sKID is a compact Bluetooth reader and has a circular polarized antenna that can be attached to any smartphone or tablet using 4 different methods: Magnets, 3M Dual Lock, Quad Lock or via SP-Connect. Stefano Coluccini will talk exclusively about the sKID in his presentation at the digital conference!

“The skID is mainly designed for mobile workers. Thanks to its compactness, lightness and ergonomics, it is a well-suited device for mobile point of sales, field sales mobility, inventory management, service and maintenance applications,” elaborates David Pallassini.

Dual Frequency Technology On Board!

The data loggers qLog RT0012 and RT0013 belong to the easy2log product family. With an integrated RAIN RFID and NFC interface, they are the first dual-frequency "family members" in the portfolio. The loggers are ideally suited for track-and-trace solutions in the field of temperature and humidity control. Application areas: Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

14 Feb 2024 - CAEN RFID Products Are Now Available in Georgia & Azerbaijan

David Pallassini, Sales Manager at CAEN RFID underlines:

"The advantage of the dual-frequency technology in the new qLog data loggers is that the loggers can communicate with both RAIN RFID readers and with any NFC-enabled smartphone. This way, B2B and B2C applications can be linked easily and efficiently".  

Extension of the OEM Reader Family

The Hadronmini R1271C is a cost optimized reader with an output of 500mW. The Hadronmini is pin-to-pin and software compatible with the Impinj modules RS1000 and RS500 and is therefore a perfect replacement for these devices.

CAEN RFID in the Wireless IoT Technology Forum!

Stefano Coluccini, Chief Marketing Officer at CAEN RFID, will hold a presentation in the Wireless IoT Technology forum on November 30th on the topic “Compact, Powerful, Flexible: The New RAIN RFID Smartphone Add-On”.

Over 60 Lectures in 8 Forums

More information about the conference program? Here!

Take part in the DIGITAL RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 from November 23rd to December 18th! The CAEN RFID team will welcome you at their digital booth and at the digital conference.

Get to know our products

fIDo - R1307I
trID - R1210I
Lepton9x4 - R9104C Reader Module
Proton - R4320P RAIN RFID Reader
Lepton7 - R7100C Reader Module
skID – R1280IE/IU
Stefano Coluccini
Stefano Coluccini
Chief Marketing Officer
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Marco Massai
Marco Massai
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Simone Ginnasio
Simone Ginnasio
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
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