Confidex was awarded based on its pioneering achievements in the China market, since 2006.

Confidex awarded most influential international RFID brand in China

Confidex was awarded in the RFID World Conference as one of the most reputable RFID companies operating in the China market, winning in "The most influential international RFID brand in China" voting, which is part of the IoT Star Award 2017 in China, held via

The voting is the most respected market indicator in the local RFID business sector, as hundreds of companies participate giving their expert opinion of each participant. Confidex was awarded based on its pioneering achievements in the China market, since 2006.

Confidex was the first RFID company to open a manufacturing plant in China with the capability for UHF tag production. The globally first high-quality UHF hard tag for industrial use, Confidex Survivor™, was launched into the markets in 2006. Since then Confidex factory has been regarded as the most advanced local RFID production plant, its smart tickets circulating the public transport of several of the world’s biggest metropolitan areas and its RFID tags and labels serving advanced Smart Manufacturing and Logistics companies.

Confidex’s CEO Timo Lindström is excited to receive the award:

“We are very happy and honored to receive this recognition. China’s RFID market is one of the most important strategic markets for Confidex products and solutions, now and in the future. Confidex is dedicated to developing its solutions further and our offering will cover IoT solutions in the identify, sense and locate – sector, of which our recently launched BLE product Confidex Viking™ and digital airport and travel services platform MYVIA by Confidex™ are great examples.

We will expand our offering in the Chinese market with these products to enable location based services, such as identifying and locating assets and people.”

Our products

Confidex TireTag
Confidex Carrier Tough Slim™ Tag
Confidex Ironside Slim™ Tag
Confidex Silverline Blade™ Label
Paul Broekhuizen
Paul Broekhuizen
Executive Vice President Smart Industries
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Alexander Abeln
Sales Director EMEA, Smart Industries
Munich, Germany
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