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Think Wireless IoT Day 02-2022

Es geht um Transformation, Digitalisierung, Nachhaltigkeit und Zukunft.

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Experten erklären wie Wireless-IoT-Technologie die Zukunft der Automobilproduktion gestaltet. Sieben Referenten bieten Know-How und Best Practice Erfahrung. Sie sind kompetente Ansprechpartner für das Livestream-Publikum.

Worum geht es?

Wireless-IoT-Technologien ebnen den Weg zur Automobilfabrik 4.0. Mittels Sensoren wird der Zustand von immer mehr Komponenten, Anlagen und Maschinen überwacht und diese vorausschauend gewartet. Daten werden via LPWAN, Mioty oder OPC UA übertragen.

Digitale Zwillinge simulieren die Produktion auf Basis von Echtdaten, Ergebnisse werden in die Steuerung übertragen und erzielen reale Verbesserungen. Machine Learning und KI optimieren die Auftragsplanung. RFID-getaggte Bauteile können identifiziert und nachverfolgt werden. 5G ermöglicht zuverlässige Datenverbindungen mit geringer Latenz in der Automation.

Themenschwerpunkte der Fachvorträge „Automotive | Industrielle Produktion | Wireless IoT-Technologien“

  • Digitale Zwillinge
  • Machine Learning und KI
  • RFID-getaggte Bauteile
  • 5G und Datenverbindung
  • Automobilfabrik 4.0
  • Überwachung von Komponenten, Anlagen und Maschinen
  • OPC UA, LPWAN, Mioty

In Zusammenarbeit mit:

  • ALT Technologies
  • HID Global
  • Elatec
  • KleinVision
  • Michelin
  • Fraunhofer IPMS
  • Enerthing
Think WIOT Day Aufnahmen
Dr. Michael Niggemann
Founder & Managing Director, Enerthing
Retro-fit Digitalization of Heterogenous Machine Parks - Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Condition Monitoring with Self-powered Sensors
Cable and battery replacement often limit the scalability of IoT sensors. Enerthing`s photovoltaic powered sensors enable many Industry 4.0 use cases:
  • OEE analysis and retro-fit of auxiliary equipment and manual processes
  • Condition monitoring of pumps, motors, conveyor belts and storage areas
  • Cycle detection and counting of processes and production units
  • Automatic alarm notification
  • Digitalization of 24-Volt sIgnals
  • Vibration, temperature and humidity trends in production areas
  • Upload of sensor data into existing software like ERP or MES
ALT Technologies
Jelmer Sminia
Product Development Manager, ALT Technologies
10:40 - 11:10 CET
How to Overcome the 5 Highest RFID Risks within your FMEA in Automotive?
  • Explaining real-life use cases of RFID applications in the Automotive industry
  • Bringing hands-on solution options to overcome the highest RFID risks
  • Practical FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) tips in Automotive
HID Global
David Owen
Marketing Manager at Omni-ID (Part of HID Global)
Taking Passive RFID to New Levels with the Addition of Temperature, Liquid Fill Level & Moisture Monitoring
A versatile range of small form factor ceramic tags and self-adhesive labels that accurately measure temperature, fill level and moisture content in a range of use cases including:
  • Monitoring the temperature of drugs, vaccines or therapeutics during cold chain transit
  • Monitoring the fill or dilution levels of liquids in vials or bottles
  • Alerting when unwanted moisture is present in areas such as roof spaces, automotive engines or within sensitive storage areas such as data centers
  • Monitoring moisture levels in infant or adult diapers so they can be changed when required
Jan Broz
Area Sales Manager Czech Republic, Elatec
How Humans and Machines Work Together - Machine Authentication for the Smart Automotive Factory
In our digitized world, efficient collaboration between humans and machines is crucial to success in the automotive industry:
  • How to stay one step ahead of the competition due to efficient processes
  • How to increase the security of sensitive personal and plant data
  • How to prevent industrial espionage
  • How to ensure that valuable machines deliver top performance reliably and precisely
Fraunhofer IPMS
Dr. Thomas Kämpfe
Group Manager Integrated RF & AI, Fraunhofer IPMS
Ultra-Low Power Computing in the Era of AI on the Edge
  • World Energy Consumption for Computing
  • AI as Driver for Rising Energy Consumption
  • Hardware for Low Power and High Performance Computing
  • In-Memory Computing (IMC) for AI acceleration
  • Algorithms & Accuracy of Edge AI with IMC
Christophe Duc
RFID Initiative Leader, Michelin
MICHELIN RFID Implementation in Tires: What’s New?
  • RFID market adoption and standardization: Where are we?
  • Who are the ecosystems we are working with?
  • Data access standardization: The Global Data Service Organisation for Tires and Automotive Components (GDSO)
  • Sharing our patents to move forward
  • Conclusion with website info and contact
Klein Vision
Stefan Klein
CEO & CTO, Klein Vision
The Potential of the AirCar for Private Car and Air Transportation
  • Features of the AirCar
  • What's the future of transportation and mobility?
  • The potentials of transportation with the AirCar

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