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FEIG Introduces Localized UHF RFID Solution


FEIG Introduces Localized UHF RFID Solution

Efficient Object Identification with the LOCFIELD® Antenna

  • Flexible UHF RFID solution
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Localized reading zones for targeted identification
  • Easy integration

From smart shelves and workbenches to object identification on conveyor systems: FEIG ELECTRONIC’s LOCFIELD® Antenna makes inventory management easy and efficient. Due to the flexible form a quick and simple assembly is possible on any required form. The UHF RFID antenna can also function in metal environments and has a reading range of one to 150 cm.

28 Mar 2024 - FEIG Readers in Use at Toro Aluminum Group of Companies

Localized Identification

The LOCFIELD® Antenna, short for “Localized Electromagnetic Field Antenna” is a cable-based antenna. Around the cable is a localized electromagnetic field. By extending the cable and configuring the RFID reader, it is possible to extend the reading zone. Due to the flexibility of the cable, the design of individualized reading zones is made possible. This allows for the identification of objects in a specific zone, such as on shelves, tables, and conveyor systems. A metal plate can be integrated for shielding, so that the antenna only captures UHF RFID tags from a specific direction.

Smart Shelves and Smart Workbenches

The LOCFIELD® Antenna transforms a table into a smart workbench. All RFID-tagged tools and items placed on top of the workbench are captured. Workers can find out if a specific tool is properly calibrated. The current tasks and tool instructions are shown automatically for each tool that is placed on the workbench. Shelves can also become smart with the LOCFIELD® Antenna. RFID-tagged containers on shelves are tracked in real-time. Items removed or added to the shelf are automatically captured. The UHF RFID antenna is also ideal for the identification of IT equipment in server cabinets.

Object Identification in Conveyor Systems

With the LOCFIELD® Antenna, it is possible to design a localized reading zone that covers the entire conveyor system. The cable-based antenna can be flexibly attached underneath the conveyor system. In warehouses and production lines, only RFID-tagged objects that are on the conveyor system with the LOCFIELD® Antenna are captured. The localized reading zone ensures that objects outside of the conveyor system are not captured. Fast moving goods are thus easily and efficiently identified.

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