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JYL-Tech Presents its High Performance RFID Button Tag

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JYL-Tech Presents its High Performance RFID Button Tag

JYL-PLT15: An RFID Tag for Laundry Tracking

JYL-Tech's PPS RFID Button Tag is a simple, small sized RFID tag that is shaped as a button. These RFID Button Tags are great for sensing presence, identification, and etc. The tags can be easily sewn into clothing or inserted into small spaces. It’s twice injection moulding design makes it suitable for harsh laundry environments such as press type laundry machines, dry cleaning processes and ironing. The tag is ideal for the hospitality, healthcare and workwear segment.

09 Apr 2024 - JYL-Tech Introduces Laundry RFID Tags for Healthcare Linen

The JYL-PLT15 measures 15mm in diameter with a carrier frequency of HF 13.56Mhz. It has a maximum read distance of about 35~45mm.

Highlights of the JYL-PLT15:

  • Fully ISO 15693 / 18000-3 compatible
  • Developed to withstand the highest levels of water extractor presses
  • Optimized shape reduces the risk of damage to textiles
  • Multi-purpose transponder suitable for all types of linen, garments, mats and mops
  • Robust RFID tag lasts for up to 200 washing cycles

Thanks to its robust HLB15MM PPS housing material, the tag withstands water immersion, high temperatures of up to 200°C, pressure and chemicals. Equipped with an anti-collision feature, the tag can be read simultaneously when tagged garments are stacked closely together in piles. The reading performance is excellent with all standard HF reading stations.

Key Facts of the JYL-PLT15:

  • Item: RFID Laundry Transponder JYL-PLT15
  • Compliance: ISO 15693/SO18000-3
  • Chip: ICODE SLIX serials
  • Dimensions: ø15 mm
  • Weight: 0.80g
  • Temperature / Storage: -40°C-+120°℃ (-40°F-+248下)
  • Material: PPS
  • Mechanical resistance: up to 50 bars*
  • Chemicals: All common chemicals in the washing process
    • 200 wash cycles or 3 years from shipping date (whichever lifetime comes first)

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