Sensor Expert Leuze is Well-Positioned for 2024

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Sensor Expert Leuze is Well-Positioned for 2024

RFID, Complete Solutions and Data Security are Important Topics

Leuze is a leading component manufacturer in industrial automation with in-depth expertise in the field of optoelectronic sensor technology. A key area of focus lies in AutoID systems such as 1D/2D code readers and camera-based machine vision systems. How is this business area changing and how is Leuze facing the future? The Think WIOT Group spoke with Oliver Puetz-Gerbig, Senior Market and Technology Expert Auto-ID at Leuze.

21 Feb 2024 - Sensor Expertise On-Site: Leuze at the LogiMAT 2024

Mr. Puetz-Gerbig, Leuze recently celebrated its 60th birthday. How is the company positioned in 2023?

Oliver Pütz-Gerbig: In its more than 60-year history, Leuze has become an expert in optoelectronic identification systems based on barcode and 2D code technology. The most important topics for Leuze include the development of machine vision systems and optical identification systems that are optimally aligned to specific application scenarios. We will increasingly offer complete solutions in the field of AutoID, which may also include RFID systems. Here we are confronted with customer requirements for automation solutions that often cannot be realized with optoelectronic systems.

Is it then necessary to shift the focus from 1D/2D codes to RFID?

Pütz-Gerbig: No, not at all. The demand for barcode identification and the associated barcode reading systems has continued to rise in recent years and remains unbroken. The performance of camera systems has continuously improved and there is a high demand for optoelectronic identification systems. Leuze is very well positioned in this area and can respond quickly and competently to customer requests for stationary barcode and 2D code readers.

The RFID market, in which Leuze has been rather cautiously active to date, is growing somewhat faster. In order to be able to offer customers end-to-end traceability of goods and maximum transparency of process data, e.g. in production logistics, Leuze will become more involved in this area in the future. Which technology is best suited, however, always depends on the individual application.

What added value can Leuze offer for AutoID systems?

Pütz-Gerbig: We take great care to ensure that all processes run securely. Security is a pressing and urgent issue for us, both for the software solutions we use and for hardware. In future, for example, Leuze will offer devices for all common AutoID technologies that already have an OPC UA interface as standard. This means that data transmission is encrypted and additionally secured by certificate exchange.

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Oliver Pütz-Gerbig
Oliver Pütz-Gerbig
Senior Market and Technology Expert Auto-ID at Leuze
Owen, Germany
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