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Lexmark Joins RFID & Wireless IoT Search

Lexmark - a Global Provider of Innovative IoT and Cloud-Enabled Printing Technologies!

Lexmark creates innovative IoT- and cloud-enabled imaging technologies that help customers worldwide achieve their vision of print simplicity, security, savings and sustainability.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Lexmark, a global provider of innovative IoT and cloud-enabled printing technologies has joined as a brand new member of the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine! The international company, first established in 1991, provides services in more than 170 countries worldwide.

“We use our deep industry expertise to simplify the complex interface between digital and printed information – for streamlined business processes, increased customer loyalty and optimal business results,” explains Peter Albrecht, Industry Consultant at Lexmark. “We have been in industry for 30 years and understand the needs of manufacturers. From durable equipment that withstands extreme conditions, to Managed Printing Services and innovative solutions.”

Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

Lexmark offers printing solutions in a variety of industries including: Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Insurance and Manufacturing. Corresponding applications include: Smart document capture, digitizing patient access forms, print management, supply chain document optimization and Managed Print Services. One particular solution in the field of manufacturing allows for the identification, tracking and management of assets and inventory with encoded RFID tags: RFID Laser Printing.

RFID Laser Printing for Asset Tracking

Lexmark's RFID Laser Printing Solution eliminates the need for complex infrastructure and inefficient manual effort that can lead to mix-ups and costly errors. Lexmark's RFID solution allows users to consolidate both printing and programming onto a single multifunction device. The result: Increased speed and optimized quality. RFID tags and corresponding process documents are all programmed and printed together in one integrated step. This simplifies handling. With this solution, there will not be any mismatched labels, nor the need to manage multiple devices. The printing solution supports labels and forms up to A4 size.

RFID technology allows for the tracking and monitoring of high value assets and important documents. This Laser Printing allows the user to print and encode RFID on standard documents. Both RFID tag and page are synchronized, and the automated process ensures absolute control.

Printing and Coding with Lexmark Printers

From simple RFID labels and documents in the logistics and automotive industries, to reusable RFID tickets for event management, to RFID-tagged running numbers for sporting events, RFID has entered many aspects of our lives. After all, the technology, together with Lexmark's RFID color printers and multifunction printers, ensures a high degree of flexibility in application. Thanks to the additional paper trays, up to four different formats can be operated in parallel, both as duplex and color printing. 

The Interface of Digital and Printed Information

Lexmark develops printing solutions and technologies that enable customers to efficiently print, secure and manage information. By combining innovative technologies with extensive industry experience, Lexmark simplifies the complex interface between digital and printed information in retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, and many other industries.

Our products

Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing
GHS Label Printing for Manufacturing
Peter Albrecht
Peter Albrecht
Industry Consultant Manufacturing: Business Transformation & IoT Services, Global Marketing
Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Pablo Martínez Díaz
Manufacturing and Retail Industry Consultant
, Spain
Christian Eckelmann
Christian Eckelmann
Enterprise & Solutions Field Marketing Manager DACH
Neu-Isenburg, Germany
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