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Omnia Technologies Joins the Business Platform!

Image: Omnia Technologies

Omnia Technologies Joins the Business Platform!

Omnia Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Manufacturer of High-Performance RFID Tags!

Omnia Technologies designs and manufactures high-performance RFID tags in various frequency ranges: 125 & 134 kHz (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF) & 850-960 MHz (UHF). The company has a state-of-the-art facility located in India, where they design and manufacture international quality RFID tags.

Founded in 2005, Omnia Technologies is a proud pioneer of RFID technology in India and has the expertise to fulfill the needs of complex & challenging RFID tags. The in-house R&D lab consisting of expert analysts, engineers, and designers is focused on the development and customization of high performance, industry-specific tags. Omnia Technologies caters to quality conscious markets like Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Japan and USA. Omnia Technologies has become a globally recognized brand.

Applications in Various Sectors

Omnia Technologies manufactures RFID and NFC tags for numerous applications in the following fields: Industry & Logistics, Animal & Food, Access & Security and, Pharma & Healthcare.

Example Application: Animal Tracking 

Omnia Technologies manufactures different types of RFID animal tags, including ear tags (for cattle and sheep), injectable glass tags in various sizes, and animal coils. RFID-based animal tracking and identification is used to track the history & movement of farm, zoo and pet animals. It is necessary to maintain records regarding animal origin, health, nutrition, the threat of disease and so on.

RFID is used to automate and quicken the process of feeding, weighing, vaccinating, and breeding practices which also ensures accurate data recording and efficient animal management.  

Example Application: Waste Management  

Omnia Technologies offers a broad spectrum of passive, contactless LF and UHF waste bin tags that provide various levels of resistance to water, shock, & temperature variations, making the tags suitable for harsh, outdoor environments. Waste bins that are tagged are picked up by disposal trucks equipped with RFID readers. These readers record the exact time and place every time a waste bin is emptied. This automatic data collection makes data reporting cheaper, faster and more accurate.

Find out more about all types of RFID tags and the multitude of applications that Omnia Technologies offers here on the business platform!

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Pranay Seth
Pranay Seth
General Manager (Sales and Marketing)
Gurugram, India
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