The HEAT is ON with POSTEK RFID and Barcode Printers

Concentration Leads to Professionalism!

POSTEK was founded in 1998 in Shenzhen, China. Initially, the company acted as an agency for other foreign printer brands in China.

With its sensible business decisions, professional services and reliable reputation, POSTEK quickly developed an extensive sales and service network in the barcode printer market. In 2003, POSTEK started to focus on the research and development of its own printers to adequately meet market demands.

Globally Operating Companies Rely on POSTEK Printing and Encoding Solutions

POSTEK is the chosen supplier of many well-known brands, including Lazada, Haier, Uniqlo, and Hikvision. Furthermore, POSTEK has been recognized as a reliable supplier for the government and many banks and hospitals.

“Today we have more than 500 partners all over the world, including distributors and dealers, system integrators, industrial-leading manufacturers and brands. As a well-known company in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa, we have been dedicating ourselves to the European RFID market in recent years, offering special support and policies to the local distributors and system integrators for mutual business growth. We’re looking forward to working with European RFID partners to establish a mutually beneficial partnership”, emphasizes Elaine Chen, Global Key Account Manager at POSTEK.

A Pioneer of RFID Printer Since 2009 

In 2004, the very first POSTEK Printer-G Series was launched with great success thanks to its unique product positioning, innovative design and high performance. Since 2009, POSTEK has seen the prospect of the application of RFID technology and has been working on RFID printers. From then on, industrially leading RFID antenna and innovative RFID capabilities were developed and integrated into POSTEK barcode printers.

TXr – The State-of-the-Art UHF Printer Series 

The latest RFID enabled product is the UHF RFID Industrial Printer-TXr Series. The printers feature an automatic one-button-press RFID calibration, a first and last label saving design, a min. inlay space of 12 mm and encoding capabilities for on-metal RFID tags with a thickness of 1.2 mm. The TXr series is designed to meet customer's every need in value-added RFID solutions. It can be applied in various industries for item level identification and tracking, asset labeling and tracking, automatic production, warehousing, inventory management and ticketing. 

Stay Tuned for a New Level of Printing and Encoding 

POSTEK is planning to launch a high-performance industrial RFID printer in early 2021. The new printer is born to be a breakthrough product with extraordinary performance, intelligent hardware controls and barcodes verification, leading printing and RFID capabilities.

“A lot of new techniques will be integrated, and the printer is designed to provide customers with a durable, reliable, and ease-of-use printing and encoding solution for their mass productions. More details will be available by the end of this year, and we will also publish the news through the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine platform. Please stay tuned for more information!” elaborates Elaine Chen.  

The HEAT™ is On! 

HEAT™, Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning, is a cutting edge technology in heating control of thermal print-heads. The HEAT™ algorithm was developed and applied to POSTEK printers since 2019. With HEAT™, the POSTEK printers can significantly improve their performance in the aspects of printout clarity and print speed. 

“In fact, we are so certain of HEAT™’s abilities, thus extending the printhead warranty upon all POSTEK RFID and label printers with HEAT™ applied. It's not only a showcase of confidence in our technologies, but also a tangible promise to our consumers. Meanwhile, with the printhead lifespan and print quality being significantly improved, customers will save printhead maintenance costs, as well as printer purchase costs since lower resolution printers can be adopted to achieve similar or even better print quality. Moreover, with HEAT being applied, POSTEK printers can now print rotated barcodes and characters at a height of less than 1 mm, adapting to different customer label templates with ease”, says Elaine Chen.

Talent and Innovation are the Foundation

“Our vision? Ordinary people, accomplishing extraordinary results. Integrity, excellence and the creation of value are the core values of POSTEK's corporate culture. Our vision and culture both emphasize that talent and innovation are the foundation of a company's core competitiveness. With the efforts of POSTEK's innovative talents, the company strives to provide users in the global market with an optimal product experience”, explains Elaine Chen.  

More Than 30 Patented Innovations 

After more than 10 years of innovation, POSTEK's RFID printers are now highly-recognized by RFID partners and customers. The POSTEK brand itself is known for its innovation and reliability. POSTEK is rated as a national high-tech enterprise and has obtained more than 30 patents so far.  

Partnership Is Highly Valued 

Since its establishment, POSTEK continues to pursue innovation and perfection, improves product design, quality and service to provide its customers with better products and smooth after-sales services. In addition, the company works with its business partners and system integrators to offer professional, cost-saving and intelligent printing and RFID encoding solutions, contributing to the informatization and intelligentization transformation at the customers’ sites.

“We are keen to work with various partners and customers, to share business opportunities and to provide support. We look forward to exchanging ideas, working on technical improvements and providing excellent support”, elaborates Elaine Chen.  

Growing Demand for RFID Solutions in Times of Covid-19 

“POSTEK, like so many other companies, has been influenced by Covid-19. This pandemic poses a threat to human life, as well as to the global economy. It is a challenge that we are all facing together, and we sincerely hope that we can defeat the virus and return to our normal lives and regular business very soon. It is a difficult period for many of our business partners as well, as business slows down, while delivery expenses become more costly. However, it’s also a time for POSTEK and our partners to prepare for future growth. The pandemic emphasizes the significance of the informatization and inteligentization transformation. We are well aware of the growing demand for RFID solutions for various industries”, adds Elaine Chen.  

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Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen
Global Key Account Manager
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
Lily Kuang
Lily Kuang
Marketing Director
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
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