RAIN RFID Windshield Tag

RAIN RFID Windshield Tag

Up to 15m reading distance after being attached to the windshield!

With 15+ years’ of experience in RFID design, bonding, converting and die-cutting, HUAYUAN has researched and developed accessible ways to produce eco-friendly, qualified, consistent and affordable RFID products to satisfy customer requests. HUAYUAN is glad to announce to launch a new RAIN RFID Windshield Tag with an excellent reading range performance of up to 15 meters. The tamper-proof feature ensures the tag is unreadable after being removed from the windshield.

Guohua Tao

Since 1995, HUAYUAN has experienced more than 20 years in RFID technology development.

Guohua Tao
General Manager
Shanghai, China

Key Facts

  • Unique design
  • With up to 15m reading distance after being attached to the windshield
  • With tamper-proofing function

Application Fields

  • Windshield tag
  • Automotive

HUAYUAN has been focusing on RFID R&D since 1995. With over 20 years of experience in the development of RFID technology, we provide a world-class RFID tag production line and offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes:

  • RFID antenna research and design; etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications
  • Insertion, conversion and encapsulation for various environments and applications
  • E-Ticket solutions with plastic cards, paper cards, wristbands, bracelets etc. with assembled RFID/NFC
  • Contactless cards, tag printing, manufacturing with laminated RF NFC
  • Apparel branding and label solutions, brand protection & security solutions

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Application Fields

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