RFID UHF Tags 100 Percent Made in South Korea

Introduction of a New Tag Family in 2021!

Since 2004, RFCAMP has been supplying PCB-based transponders for challenging applications - especially for the construction industry.

RFCamp continuously develops new tags for a variety of applications. On average, the tag portfolio is extended by two new designs every year. Specific features of RFCamp's transponders include miniaturized design, high temperature resistance or magnetic mounting.

"2021 will be a very special year for the tag portfolio", reports Jerry Ryu, CEO at RFCamp to RFID & Wireless IoT Global. "In the second half of the year we will introduce a completely new tag family: UHF tags that are powered by solar cells. This will considerably increase the reading range. These tags represent one of the greatest advances in development since the company was founded".

Due to COVID 19, our product developing process has been postponed several months.

27 Mar 2020 - RFCAMP is New Supplier on RFID & Wireless IoT Search

Portfolio with 32 Specific RFID Tags - In Focus: On-Metal Tags

The South Korean high-tech company RFCamp was founded in 2004. In the meantime, the RFID tag manufacturer has risen to become the most productive company in South Korea. The recipe for success: RFCamp produces and develops 100 percent in its own country. "With this strategy, we sustainably ensure high and consistent product quality," explains Jerry Ryu. To achieve this, two strategic guidelines are followed.

For the production of the tags, RFCamp has been using qualified materials for years. The composition of the materials and raw materials, such as PCB, is only changed in nuances. Therefore customers can rely on consistent product properties. RFCamp holds the entire value chain – starting with the IC – in its own hands.

Jerry Ryu explains, "Two suppliers who produce special materials for the robust RFCamp tags are subsidiaries. These companies produce materials exclusively for us and according to our requirements. Quality control is therefore extremely high and at the forefront of the value chain. Only the IC's are externally sourced and supplied by Alien Technology."

Since its foundation in 2004, RFCamp's objective has been the highest product quality. "Our mission is to always deliver the best possible quality, rather than the lowest price. For this purpose we have a state-of-the-art measuring and test equipment in-house. This strategy has proven successful, as RFCamp RFID tags are used in more than 200 projects worldwide. Furthermore, the error rate is extremely low. We receive almost no customer complaints", says Jerry Ryu.

10 Million Tags for the Construction Industry

06 Mar 2020 - TITANTAG™ Fastener TK UHF RFID Tag

Currently, the portfolio includes 32 specific RFID tags for a wide range of applications. In focus: On-Metal Tags. The tags prove their robustness and reading performance even in harsh environmental conditions. The Titan Tag Duraflex – one of the first tags in the portfolio – was originally designed for use in the laundry environment.

"However, we soon found out that the tag's properties met the exact requirements of the construction industry. To date, the company has produced and shipped more than 10 million tags for this sector," reports Jerry Ryu, adding that “around 75 percent of the tags produced are used in Europe. For use in the construction industry, the tags are poured directly into the concrete and can still be captured accurately after cured.”

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Jerry Ryu
Jerry Ryu
CEO & President
Gyonggi, Republic of Korea
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