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Schreiner Group Celebrates 30 Years of DGQ Membership

Presentation ceremony (from left): Alexander Fuchs (Head of Network Management Coordination) and Marco Gutöhrlein (Head of the Stuttgart Office) present Thomas Tobies (Head of Quality Management) and Annett Seinig (Quality Improvement) with the 30-year DGQ membership certificate. (Image: Schreiner Group)

Schreiner Group Celebrates 30 Years of DGQ Membership

Top Quality: 30 Years of DGQ Membership

Quality management helps improve products and services, retain customers, and operate in economically efficient ways. In Germany, this concept has been institutionalized by Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ), the German Quality Association – of which Schreiner Group has been a member since 1991. At the end of 2021, the international high-tech company was recognized for its 30-year DGQ membership and its related professional quality management.

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DGQ pursues the objectives of sector-independent further development of the know-how and methods of quality management, sharing of information about the latest findings, and promoting their practical implementation. For this purpose, DGQ develops, conveys, and furthers expertise related to establishing and continuously improving integrated management systems.

Thomas Tobies, Head of Quality Management at Schreiner Group, explains the benefits of active DGQ membership to the company and, consequently, to its customers,

“Due to our involvement in professional circles and networks in DGQ, we actively participate in shaping the concept of quality, benefit from new knowledge and best-practice approaches early on, and can engage in active exchanges with quality managers from a wide variety of sectors.”

With good reason, a current DGQ discussion paper states that,

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“Quality is a central element of the German industry’s brand essence. ‘Made in Germany,’ introduced in Britain more than 100 years ago to mark supposedly inferior products, continues to be a success factor of German product sales abroad and therefore decisively contributes to the creation of jobs and wealth in Germany. According to an international consumer survey conducted in 2017, Germany even ranks in the top spot, particularly in terms of quality, and hence can be regarded as the world market leader in this area.”

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Senior Director Competence Center LogiData & PrinTronics
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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