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Schreiner Group: Container Management with RFID

100,000 ARBURG containers are equipped with Datamatrix codes and RFID labels from Schreiner ProTech. (Image: Schreiner Group, ARBURG)

Schreiner Group: Container Management with RFID

Marking with Added Value

As one of the world’s leading manufactur­ers of injection molding machines for plas­tics processing, manufacturing efficiency plays a major role for the family-owned company ARBURG based in the Black For­est. For further optimization and fitness for digitalization, the mechanical engineering business rolled out a smart container man­agement system for internal transportation. The project was developed and imple­mented with Schreiner ProTech’s know-how and extensive RFID expertise.

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The containers in ARBURG’s factory halls travel several kilometers on average per week. The project was focused on getting a more detailed picture of the routes between the receiving department, the factory floor, and the shipping department and to increase the efficiency of the container circulation process: 100,000 con­tainers in total were provided with both Data­matrix codes and RFID labels.

The demands made on the labels were high: Due to the washing processes, the markings not only had to be acid- and alkali-resistant but also perfectly harmonize with challeng­ing container materials because ARBURG is currently using plastic, ESD-plastic, and metal containers.

“For us, it was important to work with an expe­rienced partner in installing a system that lays the foundation for an RFID-based system while ensuring our VDA compliance every step of the way,” said Sarah Zinser, Team Leader, Logistics Planning at ARBURG.

The forward-thinking RFID solution enables full bulk reading, end-to-end batch tracing, and optimized empties management in real time. All labels have a read range of approximately 7 meters.

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Smart container management with RFID: that’s not only a way to optimize processes and cut costs but an essential element on the road toward digitalization.

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Senior Director Competence Center LogiData & PrinTronics
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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