Think WIoT DAY 2021: Retail & Logistics

Innovations and Technology Trends from the 2021 Retail Industry!

Think Wireless IoT Day 01/2021

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Main Topics of the “Solutions for Retailers” Lectures

  • Reduction of logistics costs and transparency in the supply chain
  • Minimized inventory effort with UHF RFID
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Increasing store performance, improving customer service, self-services and brand protection with NFC
  • Direct customer interaction with NFC
  • Anonymous customer counts, in-store path tracking, and AI-based analytics and merchandise supply
  • NFC/UHF and ORM for "Unmanned Stores" & Self-Checkout
  • Dual-frequency for source tagging


  • Checkpoint Systems
  • LPP
  • Levi Strauss & CO
  • CHEP
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Edeka Center Kulinarikwelten Stengel
  • Xpoli
  • Primo1D
  • r-pac
  • Zebra Technologies
  • H & M
  • NEXR Technologies
The Recordings of the Following Lectures are Available!
Checkpoint Systems
Stephen Howells, Checkpoint Systems
Stephen Howells, Checkpoint Systems
Director, Checkpoint Systems
Reduce Your Working Capital - Now!
  • In-Store Omni-Channel Fulfilment
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Transfer online orders to the local Store
  • Pick, pack and then reserve or ship
Mielewczyk, LPP & Alexander
Yashin, LPP
Agata Mielewczyk, LPP & Alexander Yashin, LPP
RFID Program Manager, LPP & RFID Expert, LPP
RFID Rollout in +1,200 Stores from Reserved
  • Creating Smart Retail
  • Implementation and roll-out of RFID in supply chain and store operations
  • Omnichannel strategy: Enabling BOPIS
  • Working on RFID deployment in 3 next brands: CROPP, Mohito and House
Stefan Otte, Levi's
Stefan Otte, Levi's
Expert, Levi's
RFID in +3,000 Stores Worldwide from Levi's
  • Over 50 Million Tagged Articles
  • Increase in inventory accuracy
  • Helping customers find the exact item they are looking for at all times
  • Enabling omnichannel services
NeXR Technologies
Florian Kette, NeXR Technologies
Florian Kette, NeXR Technologies
Product Manager, NeXR Technologies
A Digital Fitting Room Reveloped by NeXR
  • Create your digital twin for virtual fitting
  • Enable customers to create their personal avatar, an exact 3D copy
  • Improve production based on customer insights
  • Improve customer experience at H&M
  • Support return rate reduction
Kulinarikwelten Stengel
Lara Stengel, Kulinarikwelten Stengel
Lara Stengel, Kulinarikwelten Stengel
Sommelière, Kulinarikwelten Stengel
Discrete Customer Counting in Retail
  • Secure and Convenient Access
  • Data privacy compliant tracking
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • AI-based evaluation enables heatmaps for optimizing offerings
Torsten Strauch, r-pac
Torsten Strauch, r-pac
Senior Vice President, r-pac
Garment Life Cycle Management
  • Increase Product Value & Enhanced Brand Equity
  • TWIN tag (RAIN&NFC) – enabling technology
  • From source to POS – 360 supply chain visibility
  • Consumer experience & Case Study
Isabelle Devant, Primo1D
Isabelle Devant, Primo1D
Key Account Manager, Primo1D
Smart Garment with Embedded UHF RFID
  • Improve RFID Program ROI with E-THREAD
  • E-Thread technology platform description
  • Embedded in garment at source
  • Support track&trace, EAS use cases
  • Power smart return management and circular economy
Zebra Technologies
Mick Oliver, Zebra Technologies
Mick Oliver, Zebra Technologies
Dir. EMEA Sales, SmartSight|EMA at Zebra Technologies
Robots Roll into a New Era of Retail
  • Creating Smart Retail
  • Boosts store performance
  • Increases inventory
  • Availability and revenue
  • Minimizes TCO & operation
  • Perfects omni-channel order fulfilment


Checkpoint Systems
Kulinarikwelten Stengel
Levi Strauss & CO
NEXR Technologies
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