Efficient and Transparent Goods Flows With Pallet Power

Precise and Fast Inventory Control

Precise and Fast Inventory Control

Li Haiming, product engineer at Turck presents a digitalized goods distribution center with RFID technology in a Chinese energy and chemical company.

The contactless recording of incoming and outgoing goods via RFID provides a much higher transparency of the warehouse inventory.

Together with Turck, the system integrator New Trend International Logistics Technology has digitized the goods distribution center of a Chinese energy and chemical company southwest of the industrial metropolis Guangzhou through the use of RFID technology. The chemical company transports goods on returnable pallets. In order to tie data closely to the material or product being transported, an RFID tag is embedded in each transport pallet, which has a unique ID.

RFID readers are installed along the automated conveyor line. The readers detect incoming and outgoing movements of goods. UHF read/write heads transmit material information from transport pallets, while RFID interfaces enable fast communication of data to the ERP system. As a result, users benefit from precise and fast inventory control.

Information From the ERP System in Real Time
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