With the IoT platform AMIA, Winckel has created a kind of "data broker" for the manufacturing industry.

Winckel: RFID & Process Know-How for the Automotive Industry

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Information systems create new business cases!

To set up information management systems with the support of RFID systems, know-how of the technology and the processes is required. By linking automation projects – especially in the automotive industry – and optimised business models, digital benefits can be leveraged that are reflected in economic profits.

With the IoT platform AMIA, Winckel has created a kind of "data broker" for the manufacturing industry. Objects are given a digitally processable identity to log on to the platform by being labelled with an RFID transponder. Special algorithms for smart data applications then enable precise reactions to specific events.

Ron Jäger
Ron Jäger
Executive Manager Sales
Bad Berleburg, Germany
Tobias Menn
Tobias Menn
Senior Consultant
Bad Berleburg, Germany

Digital Platform Transforms Event Data Into Smart Data

The individually pre-processed and prepared data transfer, the visualisations as well as reports and commands to connected software systems (ERP/LVS/MES etc.) or the machine control are only some of the central features of the event data platform.

AMIA does not require any middleware, but in return can read out data from an already implemented middleware. The platform is source-neutral and can process data from the complete sensor level.

Push Principle Has a Positive Effect on All Levels

This is made possible by its own scripting method, with which data sources can be opened at high speed and evaluated using special algorithms. The data model that builds on this keeps all core data in the cache.

The system is almost responsive in real time. All events are processed using the push principle. This ensures fully automatic forwarding of information upwards to the next level.

This principle has positive effects on the entire company – from the automation of the supply chain to the business model. The data transparency created in the information system not only enables the optimisation of existing processes, but also provides decision aids, numerous KPIs, and the possibility for changes in corporate strategy up to completely new applications.

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