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AEG ID Continues to Deliver Despite Shortage of Materials and Semiconductors

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AEG ID Continues to Deliver Despite Shortage of Materials and Semiconductors

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RFID specialist AEG ID, like many other companies, is affected by the shortage of materials and semiconductors. Electronic components, semiconductors, and raw materials such as copper are in short supply. The shortage of resources is exacerbated by supply difficulties. Despite these challenges, the company remains able to deliver for 2022 and 2023.

29 Jan 2024 - Sustainable RFID Production Made-in-Europe

Positive Outlook for 2022 and 2023

"Despite the shortage of materials, the outlook for the third and fourth quarters is positive. There is hope that the supply situation for components will improve again," explains Simon Arch, Director Marketing and Sales, AEG ID. "However, as a result of our excellent and long-standing network as well as our know-how of the procurement markets, we are still able to deliver. Thanks to forward planning, the impact of the semiconductor and material shortages has been cushioned."

Long-term Partnerships Enable Anticipatory Material Planning

AEG ID works globally with partners. Over 70% of sales are generated outside Germany. At the beginning of the semiconductor shortage, the company extended its planning horizon together with its partners. Required components have been purchased ahead of time.

"AEG ID is committed to a long-term cooperation with partners. This has proven itself as a company strategy and offers significant advantages for both RFID manufacturers and customers," explains Simon Arch. "Partners are able to act together on the component market and support each other in the event of material shortages. Due to the material shortages, the planning has been significantly extended."

Products Adapted to Material Availability with Permanent Engineering

AEG ID adapts the readers with new and more up-to-date components in their product and development departments, which has also improved availability.

30 Nov 2023 - New Stationary Industrial Reader with External Antenna from AEG ID

"AEG ID supplies customers operating in a wide range of application areas. These include animal identification, industry, logistics, access control, time and attendance, maintenance, service and inventory management, as well as bin and container management," explains Simon Arch. "The product modifications ensure delivery capability. Ideally, the performance of the products and their availability is increased."

"AEG ID is planning for the long term and has a stable production," emphasizes Simon Arch. "Our early warning systems introduced since March 2020 have enabled us to maintain our operations and avoid outages despite the pandemic. Precautionary measures have been taken in case of another lockdown. The ability to produce and deliver is guaranteed even then."

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Simon Arch
Simon Arch
Marketing & Sales Director
Ulm, Germany
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