RFID Glass Transponder

RFID Glass Transponder

Glass tube transponders are suitable for a wide variety of applications that require a small form factor and a long read range. Glass tube transponders are available as read only, one time programmable (OTP) and read/write devices.

Typical applications include pallet and tool identifi cation, asset tracking, automobile immobilizer systems, animal identifi cation and many others.

Glass tube transponders are available in the following sizes:

  • 1,41mm x 8,5mm
  • 2,12mm x 11,5mm
  • 3,05mm x 13,5mm
  • 3,85mm x 23,0mm
  • 3,85mm x 32,0mm
Simon Arch

Simon Arch
Marketing & Sales Director
Ulm, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Various chip versions available
  • Bio-glass
  • Direct-bonding on fullautomatically machines
  • Programming and country coding
  • Password-protection mode
  • Available also in cannulas and disposables


  • Industry & Logistics
  • Animal ID
  • Pharma & laboratories
  • Service & Inventory
  • Car immobilizer systems
  • Tool management

AEG ID is one of the early pioneers in the RFID and NFC industry. We design, develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of tags and readers for a broad range of markets and applications.

  • One stop solution for system integrators
  • Special transponders for metal environment
  • Most complete product portfolio for animal identification
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